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    How teams will perform at World Cup 2022

    In 2014 Saturn MC Germany also and very similiar again win the sun
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    Using astrology, who will win the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

    Hola Mente (me gusta leer tus posteos; por varias cartas no me cierra Argentina, incluido mundana; veremos que pasa) According to my studies, Messi asc is sagittarius as her mother said, and mid heaven in leo. Here is the original work of the cycle of 60 years and the prediction of Argentina...
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    Saturn VII House

    Hi everyone. Here is the new video of the channel where we devepoded diferent cases of saturn at 7 house: We will make more videos of planets in diferent houses.
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    Shaquira and Piqué divorce

    Hi everyone. Here is the link to the new video of the channel. Soon we will start with interviews and other topics.
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    Mbapp stays in PSG, and the importace of the secondary progressive chart

    Hí everyone. For many years, the secondary progressive chart, has been my favourite technique in astrology, and here i developed why he didnt signt with Madrid and also the golden balls that cristinano won with Real madrid with the secondary progressive chart:
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    Full moon of may -eclipse and VESAK

    Hi everyone. Next 16 of may will be a full moon with eclipse and also is VESAK:
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    Carlos Alcaraz birthday and predictions for Grand Slams 2022 and 2023

    Hí everyone. Today is the birthday of Carlos Alcaraz and we developed more a prediction that we made in july 2021 about how is going to be this 2022 and 2023 for him. Here is the video (with full english subtitles):
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    Champions League 21/22

    Hi. We will add in next videos, but there is text in english in this one also (and every astrological chart has text in english at the botton), and even the whole video has no subtitles, i hope people who doesnt speak spanish can understand why Klopp,Lecrerc and Rublev are having a good season...
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    Trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

    Johnny Depp was born with venus in 26 taurus and Amber Heard with venus is 25 taurus...that means that both have venus over fixed star caput algol... The solar return, the eclipse of december 2021, the lunar return and the conjuction of the 2 malefics in april 2022 shows very clear why both are...
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    Champions League 21/22

    There are only 2 teams that can win the champions league according to our studies (we are a group of 3 astrologers that decided to create a channel to share many things about astrology and in special we are going to focus in world cup). Guardiola as coach of has mars ruling hus...
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    Who will win 21/22 premier league?

    Jupiter in aquarius will give good results to klopp cycle in august, september, october and november, and jupiter in piscis will give good results to Solksljaer in march and april. The solar return of chelsea will be with jupiter conjuction to natal sun and Chelsea won the tittle in the last...
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    Who will win UEFA Super Cup 2019?

    The moon in aquarius is aplying sextil to jupiter of the cicle as DT of lampard, and jupiter rules his ascendent. His cicle as new DT of Chelsea will have a lot difficulties, but he has trine between moon and rulerof his midheaven; if something good will happen to Chelsea this new season has to...