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    My Reading on the Saturn Transit

    Saturn is the planet of restriction and is currently in Aquarius we can say that the qualities of Aquarius will be restricted: 1.) Aquarius is an air sign. Saturn is restricting the air here. I would expect a loss in quality of the Earth's air. Also breathing has been restricted - think mask...
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    Would I make a good governor?

    Thank you all. What about the grand sextile?
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    Would I make a good governor?

    Would I be good as a governor of Texas? I know Texas became a state and that's a different chart but looking at the original chart of texas republic, Would I make a good governor? My chart forms a grand sextile with texas.
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    Stellium Transit

    I will be having a stellium transit of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon to my natal Jupiter in Aquarius in about a week and a half. Can anyone tell me about it? [please post a transit chart or a link to a transit chart from a link site - Moderator]
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    When to workout

    Please tell me how I can get this potion or how I can make it. What special seeds is it made from? Please private message me if you want.
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    When to workout

    What is this potion and what is Nergal?
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    When to workout

    Here are my birth charts:
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    When to workout

    Mars is the planet of energy and Saturn is the planet of discipline. Maybe someone doesn't have these planets well aspected for physical activity but is there a time during they day such as when the ascendant touches one of these planets and an individual will have more strength and energy to...
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    Numerology and the Lottery

    I play the lottery sometimes and I had the idea of keeping track of the dates and times I won on scratch-offs and numbers to see if I could find an astrological solution for luck. I didn't keep track of every time though because I got a little lazy but I did manage to track 37 wins over 3 years...
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    I won the lottery... tell me how

    I won the Pic 3 lottery game a few nights ago. It's not a big game and I only won $40 but the fact that I got all three numbers right for the first time in my life is astounding to me. Let me also say that I won it because I saw the same numbers repeating that day. In the morning I looked on my...
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    BDSM aspects

    Aquarius is kinky? In my observations it has always been Aries, Scorpio, and Gemini that are the kinkiest. I think the Saturn in the 4th definitely plays a role though.
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    Trump and Kanye - Unlikely Allies? Maybe not.

    In the news lately, Kanye West seems to be supportive of President Trump, even in the face of the vile left wing machine and its fanatics. What I found out today is that Kanye is a Gemini just like Trump. There you have it, the twins. Twins are almost opposite but still the same in a manner of...
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    Taurus - the most beautiful sign

    Kate Middleton is actually a Capricorn although she may be born in the Taurus Decan or have Taurus Rising. Libra, like Taurus is also ruled by Venus but Taurus and Libra have different types of beauty.
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    Your Attraction Profile: Who You Attract And Why

    My second house is in Virgo. I can say that I have a fondness for Virgos, especially Virgo women.
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    Signs most likely to be hillfolk and cowboys

    Johnny Cash was a Pisces.
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    What time to play the lottery

    Thank you for all these. Tomorrow I have Moon and 8th cusp (other people's money) conjunct my Jupiter/Uranus at 3:10 pm and Venus opposite my Venus/Pluto in 2nd House (capital gains). Mercury, Saturn, and lilith trine my natal Mars (lord of the 9th) in 11th house (windfalls). Would this be a...
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    What time to play the lottery

    I realize that not everyone will win millions of dollars in the lottery. However, I believe you can still win smaller amounts like say, $20, $50 etc. What I would like to know is what would be the best times of day to play the lottery, particularly scratch offs. Which aspects should I look for...
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    Scorpio the Powerless

    I can attest somewhat to these characteristics of Scorpio. They seem to need attention. My grandmother was a Scorpio. Also having Saturn in Scorpio, most of my bosses have been Scorpios. I will say this about Scorpios, they are some of the most hard working and generous souls I have seen.
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    The moon and the cross and the lead weight of Saturn

    Pluto is opposite my Mars so not a good aspect for me. Saturn is a bit of a double edged sword for me. It is trine my Sun which gives me some rapport with the authorities - cops don't really mess with me and have even given me a pass in the past. But it is in my 4th house so my home life growing...