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  1. stephenseah007

    My chart doesn't say who I am?

    Here are the aspects from your chart that mainly make you feel that you are depressed etc Moon square mars - seem to have a self destruct button that is on auto depress Moon oppose uranus - has an independent nature and may have problems in relationships of all type Moon oppose neptune -...
  2. stephenseah007

    Pls read my chart. TY!!

    - is too focused at times, need to relax - quite a liberated soul and fun to hang out with - awareness of self and others - decisions based on feelings mostly but it is not choice - is impatient at times and may be blunt in speech - quite intense feelings at times - capacity to bowl someone over...
  3. stephenseah007

    Saturn Trine Pluto?

    Saturn is conservative , patience. Pluto is subconscious , instincts . This aspect allows for the native to step back and listen Is attracted and talented with matters related to the psychic occult and magic areas of life and has huge staying power on those subjects Native may feel that their...
  4. stephenseah007

    Birth Chart Help?

    Here is a brief interpretation of the information given by you Native can be a little too open minded very honest sympathetic and generous , should be encouraged to seek spirituality . Native may deny the basic necessities as well as luxuries, tend to have cash flow issues , moments of sudden...
  5. stephenseah007

    romance for north node in taurus?

    North node in house 2 / north node in taurus Summarily, the areas in which you can work on, would include the following:- You get your sense of self worth from others – learn to do otherwise! Stop getting involved in other people’s business and simply walk on your own path (especially in...
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    Astrology Natal Chart Reading

    Do you wish to know what is happening in your life and how to make your life better? Are you interested to know more about your strengths and hidden talents? Look no further and pm/email me now
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    Ba Zhi Sharing

    Hi , thanks for your interpretation once again I am close to the opp sex and yeah it really bring me a lot of problems like love musical chairs so in order to avoid all that, i am still single now my family are not well to do or middle range, in fact i don have a lot of luxury items when i...
  8. stephenseah007

    Chart Interpretation/Prediction

    Pisces - Neptune and Jupiter Scorpio - Pluto and Mars I would think that in your chart Scorpio and Pluto are dominant as it is consider landlord as scorpio ruler is pluto , pluto is in your first house which is scorpio
  9. stephenseah007

    Chart Interpretation/Prediction

    Treat it like you are a QC (quality control) eliminate the bad ones and take only the good one , this is life there will bound be trials and errors , i would suggest you use the slow and steady approach not only in looking for life partner but for romance as well , It will certainly aid you well
  10. stephenseah007

    Chart Interpretation/Prediction

    Success will come when you recognise your own ability and talents, you do have artistic ability , develop them Most interpretations i have done on your chart are related with the planets and signs in it Romances and marriage are different , romance are usually short affairs and marriage are...
  11. stephenseah007

    Chart Interpretation/Prediction

    Those interpretations are for your career and romance houses which are House 4 - Family life (before and after marriage) , relationship with spouse House 5 - Romance and children House 7 - Marriage partnership House 3 - Business buying and selling House 6 - Daily routine at work House 10...
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    Hi there, you are in the third decan (Uranus)
  13. stephenseah007

    Please help me understand the meaning of my chart

    The lines are known as aspects Conjunct - red line with a circle (30 degrees) Sextile - blue asterisk (60 degrees) Trine - blue triangle (120 degrees) Square - red square (90 degrees) Opposition - a red line with 2 circles (120 degrees)
  14. stephenseah007

    Chart Interpretation For My Bro-Delay In Marriage

    Interpretation on House 4 Attached to parents Delayed marriage Interpretation on House 5 Is not patient with children and may only have a small family Falls in and out love too easily I think your brother need to know what he really want before he can attain happiness
  15. stephenseah007

    Do I have a retrograde planet in my chart?

    Retrograde is a period of go back and do it again , a time when you get to practice patience
  16. stephenseah007

    Chart Interpretation/Prediction

    - Marriage tend to be delayed - Quite a number of romances - Children likely to be female - Is attracted to the occult - Is slow and steady when it comes to choosing a mate - Native interest in the occult should be developed - Try teaching as a career - Native can study the occult - Success...
  17. stephenseah007

    Ba Zhi Sharing

    Hi there, thanks for the interpretation think there is an error somewhere , i am a male not female :x can u tell me some bad points about garden of wealth characteristic , thanks once again for your precious time
  18. stephenseah007

    What's the Weirdest/Most Unique Thing About Your Chart (and why)?

    Yes that is what my teacher told me as well, will have a bit of the sign traits for me is libra , maybe that is why i am wishy washy in relationships, been having problems with my relationship , it is always i like ppl, ppl don like me, when ppl like me i don like them , it is like one big cycle...
  19. stephenseah007

    Ba Zhi Sharing

    Hi there, I am interested in Ba Zhi as well This are my birth details Dec 21 1984 , 1733 thanks for the interpretation
  20. stephenseah007

    Uncle Sam wants you... To read my chart :p

    These are the interpretations from your venus aspects - Can go far in achieving goals as native is very practical - Relationships don seem to last thanks to your need for freedom - Native may try to pass off universal love under an act of passion and so ends up sabotaging the self...