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  1. sworm09

    Why do I always attract men with secret girlfriends?

    Your chart does show a tendency to get involved with...errr...unsavory individuals. People having secret girlfriends is an interesting manifestation of what you have going on. Mars rules your 7th house and is in the 2nd house, unable to see your Aries 7th house AND is conjunct...
  2. sworm09

    Did the cop want to kill George Floyd?

    Considering this chart, what you said about the conflicting instructions fits this chart very well. I use the 7th to represent basically anyone that isn't the querent, but I guess it's fair to use the 10th. One look and you'll notice the 10 car pile up in Gemini, with the ruler himself Mercury...
  3. sworm09

    Finding love this year

    Let us know in a year! :joyful: As for when to cast the chart.....that's a can of worms. Generally I take the time the question first comes to me fully formed.
  4. sworm09

    Finding love this year

    Unfortunately, I don't think so. There are fixed signs on the angles, which is one testimony that things aren't changing. That's very superficial though so we need to go deeper. You are Mars in Pisces in the 5th. This is actually a really nice Mars. In his own triplicity, in a good house, in...
  5. sworm09

    Will my financial situation improve by the end of 2020?

    I think you're right. You are Saturn in Aquarius, but I wouldn't say "strong". Saturn is unable to see the 1st house of Capricorn (you) and is retrograde. Saturn naturally rules debt and shows difficulty with self management. Since the Moon in Pisces can actually see the Ascendant, the weight...
  6. sworm09

    The Importance of Testimonies in Traditional Astrology

    Just something that I've been thinking about lately, but something that I believe is absolutely essential to getting astrology to "work". Astrology isn't like most things one studies. It's vague and at times outright contradictory. You read a traditional text which tells you what to look for...
  7. sworm09

    Firdaria ruler unaspected?

    It was my sect benefic, Jupiter. Aspects don't really determine a planet's productiveness as far as events go. I think that has more to do with things like angularity and dignity. Aspects however ARE super relevant when the two planets in aspect become time lords during the same period. So if...
  8. sworm09

    Firdaria ruler unaspected?

    Maybe. Jupiter ruling the SR Asc and being in it repeats a theme of good health and general well being. T. Jupiter opposite Jupiter might trigger something, who knows. Something I've noticed with transits is that they sometimes indicate things that start which you have no awareness of, but...
  9. sworm09

    Firdaria ruler unaspected?

    I want to preface this by saying that I haven't had much luck with Firdaria, but the same rules apply. What's going on with your profections and solar return this year? What were Saturn and Jupiter doing in your solar return chart? If you start to see the same planets pop up over and over...
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    If we take the Ascendant to be the helm and the Asc Lord to be the helmsman, the Lord of the Asc in aversion is like a ship without direction. This could indicate someone who just kind of stumbles into situations rather than consciously directing themselves into situations. They doesn't...
  11. sworm09

    Pluto Dominant?

    I don't think there's a hard and fast rule, but I tend to focus on angularity, rulership, and aspect. If a planet rules most of the planets in the chart or the most important planets (Ascendant ruler, Sun, or Moon), and is very close to an angle, I'd say that planet is dominant. I think the way...
  12. sworm09

    Is my chart horrible or am I overreacting?

    I mean horrible is a pretty subjective term. Horrible for what? What I see in your chart is someone who is very soft and may find themselves in a position of servitude because of their softness, with Venus ruing your Ascendant, exalted in the 6th in Pisces with Mercury and opposite Venus...
  13. sworm09

    Pluto Dominant?

    More like Saturn dominant. What you probably think is Pluto is Saturn. Saturn is right on the MC, the highest planet in the chart. Saturn ultimately rules most of the planets in your chart, including your Ascendant ruler Mercury.
  14. sworm09

    Tough aspects to my MC

    Your MC is in Aries ruled by Mars in Gemini in a night chart. That right there could indicate jumping from career to career without a clear and distinct goal in mind. Since Mars is in Gemini in the 11th sign, I think you'll eventually stick the landing, but you've got a long, winding road ahead...
  15. sworm09

    My natal chart is so bad I became severely depressed because of it

    You're right that there are distinct difficulties indicated in your chart. Your Ascendant ruler is Jupiter in Capricorn in a night chart. Jupiter is in Fall in Capricorn and is ruled by a retrograde Saturn in Aries in Fall in the 2nd sign. This could give a feeling of constant setbacks and...
  16. sworm09


    It's pretty unlikely that you'll never achieve anything in your career. I emphasized what you said about being fiercely ambitious because working hard with little to show for it is a brilliant way of putting Mars in Cancer in the 10th with the Moon in Capricorn opposite that Mars. Of note...
  17. sworm09

    Trumps natal chart shows under him will america become irrelevant as a global power

    Once again, more or less than 300,000 people were born with that same placement. Why is Trump special?
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    I think it's very astute of you to point at Saturn, but there's a little bit more of interest to point out. Your Moon is in Saturn ruled Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer in a day chart. Emotional turmoil is a possible interpretation since the Moon is so prominent near an angle, Mars is the out...
  19. sworm09

    Trumps natal chart shows under him will america become irrelevant as a global power

    I agree that the country of birth, race, and socioeconomic status are relevant to how the symbolism is drawn out for each person, but I struggle to see how you can arrive at such a strong conclusion about a specific person using a chart that applies to hundreds of thousands of people. All that...
  20. sworm09

    Trumps natal chart shows under him will america become irrelevant as a global power

    Doesn't that mean that the above interpretation applies to every person in the world born on the same day as Trump? Why did he become president instead of one of the other hundreds of thousands of babies born that day? Does everyone born on the same day as Trump share the same spiritual direction?