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  1. Lorielle

    Venus & Death

    Well hello. :) February 27, 1961 5:46 AM CDT Iowa City, IA I don't think Venus is always bad. But I don't think it's always good, either. Thanks!
  2. Lorielle

    Venus & Death

    Farther down in this thread, there is a "Pluto & Death" post. Which got me to thinking... I know that Venus is supposed to be a benefic. Always bringing good things. Love, creativity, money, etc. But for me, Venus has not always been the benevolent giver of good. But then, Venus rules the 3rd...
  3. Lorielle

    Transits to South Node/bad luck

    What I've been told is that whatever "luck" has been happening is going to continue with the transit. So, if you are experience a patch of "bad luck" it's going to just continue until the transit passes. It's not going to suddenly go away and it's not going to intensify or get worse. Same with...
  4. Lorielle

    Transiting North Node counjunct natal South Node

    Well. You and I are facing some of the same things. Right now, N. Node @ 8 Pisces is conjunct my Sun in the first house. When it reaches 6 Pisces, it will conjoin my S. Node and oppose my 6 Virgo Pluto. I've also got transit Chiron @14 Aquarius on my 14 Aqu Ascendant. Pluto at 27 Sag is...
  5. Lorielle

    First meeting (face to face) chart

    If you were to plan a day to meet someone for the first time face to face, romantically speaking... what sort of aspects might you look at to help it go smoothly? I know you'd want it to have good aspects for each of your charts, but then you'd have to take into consideration the actual meeting...
  6. Lorielle

    Saturn: Good or bad?

    Well, I got a phone call yesterday from my Capricorn fella and he told me how much he misses me, and is pretty sure we need to be together... :D Something I've felt all along, he just needed to realize it. /grins On an astrology list that I'm on, someone asked about Soulmates and Saturn. First...
  7. Lorielle

    Plugging in a Grand Trine?

    ;) I recently had an astrologer read my chart. She told me something that I'd never been told before... and it's kinda stuck with me. In my chart, there is a grand water trine: Neptune/Scorpio 9th house Chiron, Sun, S. Node/Pisces 1st house Mars/Cancer 5th house (Technically, it looks like it...
  8. Lorielle

    Jupiter sationary-DIRECT!

    My sun is 8 Pisces 40', so Jupiter is trining my Sun at the moment. Sun in the 1st, TJupiter in the 9th. My Natal Neptune is at 11 Scorpio 15'. Maybe a long distance trip would be nice. :) Jupiter rules my MC natally and this year, in my SR, Jupiter is in the 10th. Perhaps when it gets back to...
  9. Lorielle

    Compatibility throughout the Sun Signs

    Re: Continued: Recap, Summary, Conclusions! Omygodno. :) I've never met a Pisces man that I liked that much. Of course, the one that I did like was a serious drunk. :( And Omygodno more Cancer men, ever, please. :) Only dated 1 Scorpio. It sort of burnt out. My first "true love" was a Leo...
  10. Lorielle

    Does your descendant describe your partner

    Like Francesca, I am attracted to Cancer men.. My Mars is in Cancer in the 5th.. And I plead the 5th. :)
  11. Lorielle

    Death By Overdose

    I'm reasonably sure that I died of starvation in a past life, which is why I seem like I can never get enough to eat in this one.
  12. Lorielle

    Does your descendant describe your partner

    I have 14 Leo 14 on the 7th house cusp. My recent x has his vertex at 14 Leo. Our moons are conjunct at 5 and 6 Leo. My Moon falls in his 7th house. However, my Mars is at 2 Cancer in the 5th house and I'd say about 90% of my relationships, including 2 marriages were with Cancer men. Lori
  13. Lorielle


    Well, I guess the way I was looking at it, the ruler of the 4th is Mercury. Now for moving, wouldn't you use the 4th house? And The Moon will conjoin Mercury before it leaves signs. So, I was thinking that was a yes. :) Like I said, Horary is not something I understand that much about. Lori
  14. Lorielle


    I asked this question this morning: "Will I relocate this year?" June 26, 2006 6:35 AM CST Muscatine, IA The chart I came up with is here: To me, it looks like the answer is yes, but I'm too much of a novice to interpret Horary fully. I am thinking about...
  15. Lorielle

    The Lunar Nodes Change Quality: Pisces & Virgo - 22 June 2007 - Dec. 18, 2007

    I could research this, but how long do the nodes take to travel through one sign? I was trying to figure out what was going on the last time they changed. :) Lori
  16. Lorielle

    Karmic astrology/synastry

    Here is an excellent research article on synastry between married couples. Lori
  17. Lorielle


    Awesome AM. :) I was following some of the steps in the Lunations post that I posted this morning and notice that when I take my 2006 SR chart, and place this month's LR around the outside, LR Venus at 4 Gemini is conjunct SR Mars at 4 Gemini... In the 5th house... 4 Gemini just so happens to be...
  18. Lorielle

    Lunar Return Notes

    Continued from above post. :) A New or Full Moon appearing in either return chart has special significance. The New Moon shows the birth of something new and a sort of congealing of separate energies into one area that stimulates enthusiasm. The sign and house position of the New Moon gives the...
  19. Lorielle

    Lunar Return Notes

    Lunar Return Notes: Lunar Return Notes: Lunar return ascendant Ascendant in which natal house Lunar return MC MC in which natal house Moon in which LR house Moon aspects Sun in which house Other planet locations Interpreting the return charts is very similar to reading a natal chart, with the...
  20. Lorielle


    New moon in Cancer at 3 degrees. :) Where in your chart does this fall, and does it aspect anything? It is in my 5th house conjunct my Mars. It falls on my recent ex's descendant. Yesterday, he talked to me and told me he misses me. *Happy Dance* :p Lori