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    Solar returns affected by Daylight Saving Time

    Hi Everyone, I have a really quick question about casting my solar return. I live near Melbourne in Australia, and when I was born Daylight Saving Time didn't begin until the last week in October; thus casting returns wasn't an issue. However, about three years ago Daylight Saving Time in my...
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    Will Saturn transits further trigger my bulimia?

    I was diagnosed with an eating disorder last year, but I've been dealing with my disorder since Saturn began conjuncting my chart ruler at the end of Leo. During the time that my bulimia was at it's worst, Saturn was conjuncting my Ceres and opposing my Moon and Ascendant. (I've attached my...
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    Progressed Moon Changing Houses

    This is really interesting! My moon has just returned and now it is conjunct my ascendant. Once my moon started to conjunct the ascendant I changed jobs faster than you would believe. I was working in McDonalds, which I hated, and I had been there for over 8 months. I interviewed for the...
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    Will I be fired from my new job?

    Things went fine, I was just being anxious. I was having issues with booking appontments in the government software that I have to use. We've been instructed by my boss' bosses to double book appointments and it just wasn't feasible to double book appointments for every 15 minutes with only one...
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    Will I be fired from my new job?

    I'm really worried about my job. I feel like I ******* up really badly today. I drew a chart to see if I would get fired. The first thing that occurs to me is that the quested (Venus, ruling the job) and the querant (Saturn ruling me) don't aspect and won't for a while. The Moon is poorly...
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    Chiron in Taurus

    Shining Ray, I read an excerpt from the "Musings of a Rogue Comet" Book Several things about it's description stuck out to me. "A deep sense of insecurity" - I've always had low self esteem and insecurity issues. I've only been starting to feel more positive about myself in the last two years...
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    Chiron in Taurus

    I have Chiron in Taurus in the 2nd. When I was a child, I was bullied a lot which affected my self esteeem and feeling of self worth. Also, we never had a lot of money, so I learned how to be frugal I suppose. I've never had much money either since I left home, but now I'm working full time and...
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    Will I find a second job?

    With regard ot the horary I posted about the job I went for on Tuesday, I felt the horary was pretty firm in it's "no" response. But I got the job anyway. I'm pretty happy about that, but how can it be explained in terms of the horary, do you think?
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    Depression/relationship issues: thought 09 was the "best" year for Aquarians. Help

    Re: Depression/relationship issues: thought 09 was the "best" year for Aquarians. Hel All birth charts show is the potential of the person's character. The traits described there aren't necessarily set in stone either. I've actually posted your chart, as per the details you gave as an...
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    Solar Eclipse on North Node

    My north node is conjunct the upcoming solar eclipse on July 22. The node is in Cancer (to state the obvious) at 28 degrees, in the fourth house. How will this affect me? I am assuming that the eclipse might indicate a change in my home environment. Also, (karmically speaking) pulling me...
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    Will I find a second job?

    Thanks for your response, Starlink. :) I didn't realise that the significator of the interview was the third. I'll keep that in mind for future reference. I actually won't mind if I don't get the job, the closer the interview comes the more I'm thinking I don't want the job because I still want...
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    Will I find a second job?

    I thought it might be better to pop this here rather than create a whole new thread. I have a job interview tomorrow in the morning. Here's the chart: I don't think that I will get this job personally. Based on the fact that Mars rules myself and is in detriment the 7th. So maybe I'll come...
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    Should Idelay my trip to Ireland until March 2010?

    That's odd that it didn't upload before, I remember attaching it. Never mind, it's there now.
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    Should Idelay my trip to Ireland until March 2010?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to move to Ireland in September, but I've been experiencing so much anxiety (so much so, I'm having a hard itme sleeping) and difficulty pulling the money together that I'm wondering if I should delay six months? I think that it would put me in a better position...
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    Venus and Music

    I find astrological indicators of musical ability to be really interesting. My brother and I both have some musical ability. My brother has Mercury conjunct Venus in Aquarius in his sixth house. He used to play guitar, but stopped due to pain in his wrists. (Saturn inconjuncts the conjunction...
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    Will I find a second job?

    I haven't lived in Ireland before, but I have holidayed there. In a sense i lived there because I stayed with friends and didn't travel that much. I was only there at the time to see friends. Also, my family is all from the UK and Ireland. So in a sense, by moving there I'm moving back to my...
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    Neptune square transits.. how to escape the cloud of confusion

    Your experience is interesting Kaminari. I'll be moving from Australia to Ireland under a Saturn square Neptune transit. (Neptune is in my 9th house) I'm wondering how it will play out. It actually ceases the aspect about a week before I actually fly out. I'm actually trying to identify the...
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    House System's..... 2nd opinion?

    I prefer Koch for horary and placidus for natal charts. Equal house doesn't give room for intercepted houses. I think that charts with intercepted houses need to be considered with it's strengths and weaknesses.
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    Will I find a second job?

    In a nutshell, the reason I'm looking for another job is simply because the one I have isn't giving me enough hours and it's pertinent now that I get as much money as possible. The hours are often in flux though. Sometimes I'll get 20 a week, other times I'll get 3. I need something reliable, or...
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    Will I find a second job?

    I cast the following horary chart to see if I would find a second job. I think that my chances aren't too bad given that the ruler of career is Mercury, and the ruler of the chart is conjunct the MC. Though the Moon is at critcal degree, it is conjunct the part of fortune, which I supoose...