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  1. candiceaqua

    Will my visa be approved?

    HAHA, I got my visa finally~~~~ Thank you ,fensi~~~
  2. candiceaqua

    Will my visa be approved?

    Dear All, Here attached my chart for asking about my visa application result. Will my visa be approved? If my visa approved I will go to England and Scotland for a business Golf trip in 18th June, I am very looking forward to it! It seems that there are both positive and negative sides in it...
  3. candiceaqua

    Will I get this job?

    Update!! I did not get this job, but I get another job in 12-17, but now I got another problem, the ceo of this company wanted to court me and let me be his secrest lover, he got wife and a son.....
  4. candiceaqua

    Will I get this job?

    I went to the first interview this morning, this is a job of GM Assistant, they tell me a lot and I want to see how's the future situation between me and the job: The late asc represents that I already know the result and things has been fixed, Iam Sagi Mars in 8th house and the company is...
  5. candiceaqua

    Should I return to my ex bf?(just broke up...)

    Each time I start a chart is to find that he is Mars or venus and I am the Venus or Mars, and there will be Venus and Mars retrograde in late September, and as to Transit, the venus and mars will conjuct both retrograde in his natal 12th house, and in my 10th house, I am afraid that if we were...
  6. candiceaqua

    Should I return to my ex bf?(just broke up...)

    Maybe I get back to him because of loneliness, I know that he will always be there for me , he loves me more..... Tonight I canceled a date with a friend to company him, I know it will be the last few days that we could be together, I predict that I will break up with him again in 8th or 9th...
  7. candiceaqua

    Should I return to my ex bf?(just broke up...)

    Update..... I just talk to my ex bf that I missed him, and he is glad to accept and he is glad that we could be together again.....:sad:....... I don't know if it is a good decision or not..... When I talk to him, he is already asleep at a earlier time, he said he is upset and don't konw what...
  8. candiceaqua

    Should I return to my ex bf?(just broke up...)

    I am a little sad to hear about that..... If he is scared to contact.....then maybe it is my fault to have hurt him so much..... I have another two optional bf to choose from....One is taurus the other is a scorpio, I am not sure which one to choose from... or I just give him up to choose a...
  9. candiceaqua

    Should I return to my ex bf?(just broke up...)

    Should I return to my ex bf? (Update!) I am desperated to know whether I should return to my ex bf right now... We just broke up two days ago... I suggested that we should not be together anymore...... But right now, I feel sad and lonely and need his company....he is always good to me ...
  10. candiceaqua

    Pregnacy thing again....

    The Saturn rx is quite near the 5th house, I am wondering if there is something to do with your hus(as saturn is the 7th house ruler), not you...... This chart is a little like the chart you cast before, but there are a good sign here: The 5th house ruler Venus is in 11th house=5H from 7H. But...
  11. candiceaqua

    If I want to apply for a new job, when can I get it?

    Update!!~~~ Goca you are quite right, till now my job is more interesting and funny!! Everything seems getting better when Asc ruler Mars turned direct. I really love my job! My job Sun has to go through the peregrine pisces to the exaltation Aries and 5th house, when sun actually in Aries, I...
  12. candiceaqua

    first horary -- will they hire me?

    I've been thinking about this chart and wondering if the changing sign of the moon made the Mars-Mercury unradical (I've checked that the moeity between Mars and Mercury is 7.4 degree, whild the perfection of it will need 6 degree, it is still within the moeith). Mercury although is peregrine...
  13. candiceaqua

    Ketu in 11th nullify the good effects of Moon ?

    It is exactly how I am..... Frequent moon shifts Keep away from friendships....:alien: Unattached due to past heart breaks:annoyed: Studied a lot while useless for practical life....:andy:
  14. candiceaqua

    Receiving my mother's money

    Your money is the H2 ruler Mars (pof in 2nd house, good sign) Your mother's money is H5 ruler Lib Saturn rx in 12th house. Check if there is any applying aspects between: Moon/Venus/Mars rx -- Saturn rx. As saturn is retrograde, maybe there will be some delay or obstacle.....I am not...
  15. candiceaqua

    Reading negative questions

    Maybe we should check the dignites and the receptions between the significants and whether there is a translation of light or collection of light and whether the moon is void.
  16. candiceaqua

    will he to speak one piece this weekend?

    I am not good at relationship horary, so below is just my simple trying: If you wonder whether he will propose you, then check the applying aspect between Moon(you)/Jupiter and H7 ruler Mercury(bf in detriment and is going combusted). Seen from your chart, there is only separating aspects...
  17. candiceaqua

    Ketu in 11th nullify the good effects of Moon ?

    :crying::crying: No hope, no friendship, no earnings All I got is uncertainty and fluctuations. It is scaring!
  18. candiceaqua

    jupiter as a sig help

    It is said that the inferior planet like Mercury-Venus is more weakened when combusted while Jupiter-Saturn-Mars is less weakened.(Therefore it will not be the most important consideration). As combusted, jupiter is unseen and nervous, but as he is in pisce so he still got his resources, while...
  19. candiceaqua

    Should I invest in a dominatrix profession?

    If you want to see whether this job will benefit you financially, you should check if there is applying aspects between H1 ruler/H2 ruler/Moon ---H10 ruler/H11 ruler. Or if there is any benefics in H2 or H11. I didn't quite get the idea what kind of job you planed to do....
  20. candiceaqua

    where is my mp3 player

    Is it in her bedroom as the 2nd house ruler Mercury is in the 9th house, and there will be a lot of book and bibles around. With Mercury in Pisce there maybe some water or pills or shoes around. As piscse is a mutable sign, her mp3 maybe inside something, like a box or a handbag.