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  1. Sweet Pea

    COVID vaccine is ready!

    I agree there could be a connection with the 5G we're now bathed in, and here is an interesting read on the subject: "Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless...
  2. Sweet Pea

    Doubting astrology, no results from transits

    "the only thing was the kids were home more but that applied to the whole population (live in Spain had a 9 week complete lockdown) the way the astrologer was talking was there is a BIG changes related to home and family coming." I'm surprised that you didn't see this as a big change; for most...
  3. Sweet Pea

    Spirituality and relationships

    But you have to be careful to support your partner's or friends' HIGHER nature, not their lower, personality nature, otherwise your self-surrender just makes you an accessory to their personality desires. Many Neptunian folk become enablers, who can't say "no", to other people. I'm not a...
  4. Sweet Pea

    Astrology as God's random personality randomizer

    I've read a number of books about hypnotic past-life regression therapies, which have examined the question of whether we choose our time-date-place of birth or whether it's random. It seems it makes a difference how 'old' the soul is, ie how many incarnations it has had. New souls just...
  5. Sweet Pea

    The Ugly Side of the Age of Aquarius

    I think we've been in the Age of Aquarius for some while now - look at all the technology that's now invasive in our lives, the invisible radiation and frequencies that we're now surrounded by. The use of radiation and even lasers in surgery. The fact that everyone can now communicate with...
  6. Sweet Pea

    Natal aspects that attract sick or ill partners?

    Yes, natally and no, I don't have a specific story to share but it seems a likely placement to find. Also Neptune in the 7th house would show a partner who was helpless, needy and clingy.
  7. Sweet Pea

    Natal aspects that attract sick or ill partners?

    How about Chiron in the 7th house or conjunct the ruler of the 7th house.
  8. Sweet Pea

    Transits to composite.

    Everything you just said is about his Pluto (pushy, intense) on your Uranus (pull away, freedom, anxiety). And when you do that Uranian disappearing act, his Pluto plummets him into dark thoughts about it. The ONLY way off the merry-go-round is getting right off it. And that means you can't...
  9. Sweet Pea

    We can't break up

    I'm not a relationship counsellor so I can't give advice on whether it's possible for you to settle into something more harmonious. It surely depends on the evolutionary state of both of you; how hard you are prepared to work (and it does sound like work), whether you believe there is a karmic...
  10. Sweet Pea

    We can't break up

    Electric currents or fire? Have you checked for asteroid Kaali which is number 4227? It's to do with kundalini energy which you might be arousing in each other. Mars square Chiron in the composite chart is an indication of a relationship that descends into friction and arguments. On the more...
  11. Sweet Pea

    Transits to composite.

    If you google 'hyperdimensional interference' you'll find a selection of articles about how the paranormal realms can impinge upon us via our emotional attachments to people. The square connection between your Liliths, and the fact that his Leo Lilith is on your Sun-Moon-Mercury, is an...
  12. Sweet Pea

    Transits to composite.

    It would help to see your chart, but there are clues in your list of planets and how you said this started when Pluto was aspecting your Pluto-Venus-Jupiter which must therefore be in a t-square. You seem to be learning what this aspect of your chart is all about: at the lower level, extreme...
  13. Sweet Pea

    Why oh why ?

    Annoyingly egotistical is his Leo Sun and Venus, made worse by the trine to his Chiron in Aries and the opposition to his Mars. You have Sun, Venus and Mercury all in Pisces which is the fantasizing sign and also the one in which boundaries between your aura and other people's auras can be...
  14. Sweet Pea

    What are the do's and don'ts during Neptune aspects?

    Lots of good advice so far.... Neptune can make you feel apathetic and lazy about sorting things out that need sorting out. You may feel less responsible, less organised, less capable of just dealing sensibly with the real world. Some things can be left to slide, others can't (like renewing...
  15. Sweet Pea

    Highly aspected Neptune -- he gets "possessed" by spirits.

    Did you notice he's having his Neptune-Neptune square transit? and probably has been since you knew him. That's like a double doses of Neptune.... but by the end of this year, it'll be fading though there will still be activations of his Venus and Mercury. I've seen more Neptunian charts...
  16. Sweet Pea

    Torturous Relationship – Should I leave my husband of 20 years?

    It's an amazing and distressing story. I really can't diagnose with precision what is going on - I'm not a pro at any of this, astrology or anything else. But I have read that we are made up of sub-personalities. Imagine that you are not just one consistent, integrated being, you are a cluster...
  17. Sweet Pea

    Torturous Relationship – Should I leave my husband of 20 years?

    Hi Waybread - yes I'm sure your Mars is moderated considerably by the opposition to Saturn. I do notice you have a very competitive spirit on forums though. :wink: Dan's chart shows that his Gemini stellium is tugged between two factors - the square to Pluto-Uranus in hypercritical Virgo...
  18. Sweet Pea

    Torturous Relationship – Should I leave my husband of 20 years?

    Luckily your Chiron return is pretty much over. Chiron is going to return to 27.54 Pisces and then 'station' and then go direct. Chiron returns definitely don't last 8 years, more like 1-2 years in general, because Chiron like all the planets goes both forwards and backwards (retrograding). So...
  19. Sweet Pea

    Torturous Relationship – Should I leave my husband of 20 years?

    Chiron almost landed on his Chiron earlier this year, only half a degree away. It'll be acute next April, then retrograding in October, then direct again some time in 2020. Those will be months when all-that-hurts in an ego sense could be particularly acute for him though obviously what...
  20. Sweet Pea

    Torturous Relationship – Should I leave my husband of 20 years?

    He's a reflection of your own Mars on Descendant square Pluto-Uranus. It seems that you've gone further than him in subduing this aspect, probably helped by your Libra peace-making Sun, and of course your delving into consciousness-raising resources like Tolle.:biggrin: Your natal doesn't...