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  1. allie_b

    Redeeming qualities of Saturn in Traditional?

    Saturn is the planet of maturity and conscientiousness. You're aware of time and its passing. Someone with a strong Saturn is traditionally more somber but also filled with common sense. It's hard in a sense to be young and watch the idiotic immaturity of peers around you, as you feel older when...
  2. allie_b

    Is there creativity in this chart?

    I see a writer and/or philosopher. A great need for self-expression, definitely. If you're interested in law I see that, too law (strong Jupiter in Libra--fairness/justice) perhaps working for children's welfare (Leo w/Cancer rising, Moon in Scorpio, Pluto in the 5th); also with your...
  3. allie_b

    Venus and Romance

    I have Venus in Aries, too. I haven't experienced Venus in Cancer so cannot comment on it. But from my experience, Venus in Leo and Venus in Pisces are romantic (in different ways, as you mentioned). I like the sailing at sunset idea! We Venus in Aries people are romantics, too!
  4. allie_b

    Can you see chronic fatigue syndrom in a birth chart

    I have Uranus opposite my Moon natally and have CFS/Fibro currently (for the last 7 years). For me, it's caused by Lyme Disease and I truly intend to kick its butt, so that I can return to my previous good health. I will not resign myself to feeling this way for the rest of my life because of...
  5. allie_b

    Yods created by sextile between Neptune & Pluto

    Thanks for the advice, EJ53.
  6. allie_b

    Yods created by sextile between Neptune & Pluto

    I have a Yod with the Pluto/Virgo (in the 12th) and Neptune/Scorpio(in the 2nd) sextile. Venus/Aries is the planet completing the Yod. Venus is the ruler of my chart. And it's retrograde in the 7th house. I would appreciate anyone's opinion or advice as to how best utilize/become aware of...
  7. allie_b

    The Most Important Planet in a Natal Chart

    If one planet in particular is highly aspected, that seems to "weight" it, so to speak and one's focus definitely turns there (if it's the apex of a T square, for example). I tend to look at the chart's ruler, planets on angles, along with very highly aspected planets, when considering the...
  8. allie_b

    Transit Of Mars: Crimes Of Passion

    I'm not sure if this relates exactly to what the article was stating, but I have noticed a correlation with transiting Mars and the behavior of my ex-husband (when I was married to him). He had an (undiagnosed) personality disorder. And I noticed that during hard Mars transits for him, those...
  9. allie_b

    Mars is on the ascendant of the chart, but she doesn't have marks or any blemishes

    I have a small scar on my left cheekbone (got it as a small child playing in my sandbox, way back when toy trucks were metal and had sharp edges, yes!). I have Libra rising but my Mars (in Sag) is sextile it and I also have Moon in Aries opposing my Asc..
  10. allie_b

    Moon in 29 Scorpio?

    Do you have any aspects to your Moon?
  11. allie_b

    Is Neptune a Malefic?

    I'm one of the ones (perhaps) "bashing" Neptune. If you looked at my chart you would see a very well aspected Neptune however (closest aspect in my chart is an exact trine from Neptune to my Pisces Sun). I also have Neptune sextile Pluto as someone else mentioned they had. But as this aspect...
  12. allie_b

    Is Neptune a Malefic?

    Guess it depends on what you believe a revolutionary is.
  13. allie_b

    Is Neptune a Malefic?

    I see Neptune more as a "peace at any price" type of energy. When I think of Uranus, I think of spiritual leaders such as Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. and what they were trying to attain which was quite revolutionary. They knew that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Revolution can...
  14. allie_b

    Is Neptune a Malefic?

    "Not pretending to be an individual" is the same as saying "being true to yourself, living an authentic life" which I wrote. So we're in agreement, just in disagreement as to which planet this idea of Spirituality is ruled by.
  15. allie_b

    Is Neptune a Malefic?

    I don't believe Uranus is about lack of disciple. For that I think of Jupiter. Neptune rules the 12th house. So I can see the connection with monasteries or people who cloister themselves away in religious study or meditation. That's just one form of spirituality. With Uranus, think of...
  16. allie_b

    Is Neptune a Malefic?

    Neptune sees through nothing. Neptune is fog. Personally, I see Uranus as a planet of awakening or intuitive spiritual energy and have found Uranus (as well as Pluto) transits to be quite spiritual in nature. Neptune transits were times of depression and/or confusion for me. So we obviously...
  17. allie_b

    Is Neptune a Malefic?

    I agree with CarrieLee. Neptune most definitely has a dark side. The negative of Neptune to me is *confusion*; not seeing things clearly; believing illusions; seeing the best in people to a fault (where people take advantage of you) and also self-sacrificing to a fault. And I also disagree...
  18. allie_b

    Constant pains - When will all this be over??

    You are saying you still have the problems even though that level of stress has subsided? It tells you something. There has to be a cause, and the cause isn't stress. It's crazy how much your story sounds like mine. As I woke up with a pain in my head, the worst pain in my life (to that point)...
  19. allie_b

    Constant pains - When will all this be over??

    What made me perk up my "ears" was reading about this nervous breakdown, because at one point (with undiagnosed neurological disease) I thought I too, was having a nervous breakdown, when under much stress for a time, I really lost it mentally with anxiety and even physically, my right arm was...
  20. allie_b

    Constant pains - When will all this be over??

    Kerrie, I'm not doubting what you write. I truly just want to point out that for every case where it is psychological in origin there is another where a doctor points to stress as the cause and it is physiological. For instance I had heart palpitations five years ago and my doctor dismissed...