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    Luck and fortune

    venus square jupiter is bad for personal wealth and profits. Neptune in the second house means personal wealth is elusive and the square from mercury enhances this effect. However luck may be found in occupations that deal with water, art or beauty. jupiter conjunct uranus in first house, you...
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    Your experience with Neptune

    i dont think neptune can simply be "this or that", but rather, neptune is the sea from which all forms of experience originate from. Any attempt to describe neptune would simply be falling victim to it!
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    Your experience with Neptune

    I too, have Neptune in Capricorn conjunct the Sun and Uranus! but with jupiter added in the mix. I ABSOLUTELY have the same exact problem you have : obsessive dreaming and a deep, ambitious but conflicted soul which hampers my actions in reality. I am also aloof, and have trouble communicating...
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    The 8th house

    I believe that the 8th house is more properly associated with "dark and obscure places", of which death and the occult are the most powerful of associations. the 8th house is the area of the deepest parts of the brain which manipulate every aspect of ones life. These parts of the brain are...
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    Will Trump win presidency?

    every astrologer i talked to about the election said donald trump was gonna lose. but he didn't.
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    the "supermoon" and the election

    as you know the biggest "supermoon" full moon since 1948 happened november 14. but i remember being at the jacob javits center in new york during the election a week before that. when it became clear Hilary was gonna lose I saw almost everybody crying, some people even having a breakdown, and I...
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    sun sign drugs

    Originally Posted by Laineydreamer21 View Post ive come to the conclusion that technically speaking, saturn rules form and substance.Neptune only rules substances because of the state which some drugs put people in. contrast a college-student who occasionally does acid with a gang member...
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    sun sign drugs

    yeah Neptune is the "transcendental" planet and that manifests in people who long for altered states, like astral projection or drugs. And Yet, Neptune also rules the 12th house the house of restriction. this is interesting because all water signs and planets deal with the unconscious mind
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    sun sign drugs

    I have heard that generally speaking, scorpios and aquarius's are more likely to be fond of drugs, scorpio's due to their attraction to psychological phenomena and aquarius's for their freedom loving swashbucklingness
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    Double scorpio !!

    mars opposite uranus, in leo and aquarius. venus in libra, in the house of friends. sun and mercury in virgo in tenth house. grand trine of saturn, neptune, and venus, in the 7th 3rd and 11th houses. moon in 12th house scorpio conjunct ascendant sun square jupiter .. i like this...
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    Strong lilith in natal

    can you post your chart sweety?
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    Why am i soo impatient?

    i have the same configuration you have! (mars square saturn square moon in cardinal signs) trust me, there is nothing good about this configuration. it causes a unless you can overcome your squares. and that may be way more harder than people say.
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    Grand cross in my chart?

    I have a grand cross too :( it has the moon, saturn, mars, and mercury in it. Before I went on Medication, most of my day consisted of pacing around in circles and talking to myself like a madman (literally, hours without stopping) In high school I was always a smart, nerdy, and nice kid but...
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    Saturn and the Moon

    Saturn is the higher octave of the Moon. In the historical time of jewish mysticism, Saturn was associated with "Binah" who was referred to as the "great mother". The Moon, however, was associated with "Yesod" who was also associated with the maternal aspect. Yesod and Binah, both being...
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    a rant

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    Thread of nuclear fallout in California, USA

    America, Land of Lies and Home of the Manipulated.
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    Do Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto rule anything?

    sorry, i didn't mean to say it was obsolete, but what i mean is this : Pluto wasn't discovered until 1930. When it was discovered, its astrological influence was activated, and became integrated into people's lives. The same goes with Uranus and Neptune. We have to change the rules a little...
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    Thread of nuclear fallout in California, USA

    A dark, twisted side of me hopes this happens. California has a massive amount of Cities, if it was all abandoned it would look so mysterious and cool.
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    Aries and Scorpio are 2 halves of 1 whole

    In Modern Astrology, Mars and Pluto both represent Power. Mars is Will and Action, Pluto is Death and Transformation. When someone takes action (Mars), they cause change (Pluto). this is also demonstrated with Murder and War. Murder is the strongest force here on earth, that is why Wars are...
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    Do Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto rule anything?

    Astrology is an evolving system, Rules change with greater understanding. If you think traditional astrology is the only true method, then I would be inclined to say that Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune are completely obsolete and don't matter at all. Traditional Astrology applied and worked for...