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    Where are my car keys? (please help!)

    Did you search in your mother's bedroom? Maybe. The keys are there.
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    Did he said the truth?

    Welcome tikana I think that the combust of Jupiter shows that he is unable to act and not because he is a liar.
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    Did he said the truth?

    Jupiter is in his house Pisces, this means that he is honest.
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    Am I pregnant?

    Thanks for the update 👍
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    is it?

    There is a text in Arabic by Sahl Bin Bishr Al-Israeli that says: look at the ruler of the ascending and the ruler of the fifth, if they are in a male sign, then the fetus is male. If the two planets are in a feminine sign, the fetus is feminine. And if one of them is in a male sign, and the...
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    how does he feel about me? (a friend)

    The friend here has the eleventh house, and both of you are in the house of sex, the eighth from the eleventh, your friend's sexual relations. But if we interpret the reception according to the classical view, here you do not desire it sexually, but you may be sexually annoyed with it.
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    Am I pregnant?

    If the answer to pregnancy is related to the fruitful horoscope, then no. Why do I say this? Because some depend only on the presence of the ruling planets in fruitful homes. Perhaps this is not accurate. But if the answer to your question can be taken from the communications of the planets...
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    Do I have bed bugs in my car?

    Small and harmful insects are symbolized by Scorpio and Mars. The car has the third house, the lion and the sun. There are no contacts and acceptances. But Mars in the sixth house is the house of disease! Does this mean that you are personally affected by bed bugs or are they in your home...
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    Gold chain lost :(

    Is it yours or someone else's? Or is it a legacy? If it is a legacy, you will find it in Aquarius in the south, close to the east. Look for each symbol denoted by Aquarius.
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    Where is my wallet at ? (Blue, leather, rectangle shaped)

    The buyer is the ruler of the second in the first house, which means that the wallet is still with you, near you, or in your room. It may be in or near a built-in appliance or equipment - a shelf or cabinet that is not a section of the house - Near electrical appliances - near the radio - and...
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    Is it truly over

    Mercury and the Moon separate from Jupiter, ruler of the seventh, by three degrees. Mercury is also the ruler of the end of the relationship, the tenth house, Mercury is in the fourth house. Yes, it is possible that it is a complete separation
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    Does he have feelings?

    Yes, this is possible, but the questioner here also may have a sexual orientation for the other person.
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    Am I going to meet him in December?

    It is the moon in the eighth house on a far side from you and you are Saturn in retrograde, this gives a reversal of your decision and that achieving the matter is far from verification. The answer is more likely to be negative, that is, no.
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    A question from someone

    Saturn is the strong disease in his house, the sick person is Mercury and he is weak, but he will move away from the sun, and the presence of Jupiter in the sixth house may give hope for recovery, but the disease remains strong.Recovery may take time .
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    help to read horary

    Do you accept him sexually more than you accept him emotionally? Yes, this is possible . The moon is in Capricorn, Exaltation the sign in which is Venus, but Mars in the Detriment, in Capricorn. You are Mars, strong in his house, and he has great energy and desire .
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    Does my boyfriend love me?

    Being Saturn he doesn't show good interest, you feel cold, unreactive and selfish. But you want him and he still accepts you. You are emotional and you love to be cared for, being the moon. I always find that there is something missing in a relationship when a Cancer is in the ascendant! ...
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    Will he give in?

    The moon is affected by Capricorn and opposes the rising sign. And here you want sex, but you do not declare it because the moon is in the seventh house, and is connected to Mars from Scorpio and the fifth house!!! Saturn in the eighth The sexual demand is clear , But do not declare it...
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    Does he have feelings?

    Yes, he is not emotionally interested, but he hides something from you or is not clear with you. Why can there be sexual interest?! Because the moon is in the eighth and the sun is in the fifth and they are two houses that arouse sex. Mars is associated with the Moon, and Mercury, ruler of...
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    will I meet him on Friday night?

    If the seventh house indicates it, there is a high probability that it will come. But if the eleventh house will not come.