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    Will i get the job?

    Lord 10 Saturn trines Lord 1 venus. Moon sextiles Lord 10. It looks very probable yes. Additionally, exaltation ruler of MC (and almuten) of MC in 1, which is also another good sign.
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    Will I find love in the couple of months

    Venus would make an applying aspect to Mars, Mars changes sign before this aspect is possible - already indicates a no Moon separates from Lord 7, and is applying sextile to sun, which blocks the light from the Venus square, so moon cannot translate. Sun is Almuten 7, so that may indicate an...
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    How to read chart with same signifier & three-way conjunction?

    Lord 1 in 10, while also being 10 - this is positive already on its own. Moon applies to Lord 10, while being in 10, separating from Jupiter, and nothing blocks this conjunction. Looks like a clear yes. Looks like it will also be something you greatly enjoy, since you are literally at home in...
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    Will I be successful in my PhD thesis defense?

    Lord 9 weak, retrogade, conjunct algol and heading square to saturn though the aspect never perfects, Sun graces Cusp 9 Luna ruler of 10th is weak but will sextile you Looks like you do successfuly defend it, but it will be a struggle. There is something missing with regards to your knowledge...
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    Will I do well on my exam thursday?

    Please post the chart in Alacbitus house system.
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    Will i pass the law exam?

    Spica risies - favourable Lord 9 in 9 -indiciates you have good knowledge of the topic matter, as well as AC lord in 9 Moon weak, separating from lord 9 heading into trine by Saturn I would say yes, but you miss points because you forget some topics. Probably a B-/B grade.
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    Venus debilitated in Virgo???

    agree, but for certain topics fall/exaltation can be very indicative. If someone is asking about prominence, and has both the sun and the moon in their depression, and the ac lord in teh depression, it's very unlikely that such a person will be promiment, vs someone who has Sun in 10th in Aries...
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    Venus debilitated in Virgo???

    I disagree. A planet in exaltation is extremely powerful and prominent, it's not like that all the time. When it's in exaltation, it's like a king who is loved by his people, and can easily take action When it's in fall, it's like a person who is extremely disliked - anything he does will be wrong
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    Venus debilitated in Virgo???

    I don't think this captures the point of the placement. A fall is literally a humilation, the planet is not liked there. A planet in his exaltation is like a man in his kingdom, his throne. Like when someone is super popular and can do no wrong.
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    Can we talk about orbs?

    What are the pauline dodecatemoria? Can you give an example calculation
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    Help - I am a beginner - Horary Astrology

    I will try WSH houses Since you asked about your son, he is 5th house ruler Jupiter Doctor is a profession, so MC lord Mercury Mercury will turn back retro and sextile Jupiter, however its deeply combust and will be retro - looks like a reach I would say that its possible but only with great...
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    Can we talk about orbs?

    So strict! I consider orbs to be on either side, that is for example the sun 15 degree on the right and left (sun aspects entire sign) I consider degree application across sign boundaries, as reckoning by degree is far more impactful than by sign I even consider out of sign conjunctions...
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    Which house rules social media?

    The midhaven naturally squares ac so idk why this would be a negative POF in 1st is very lucky but not exactly relevant to this. I wouldn't consider that aspect because the moon entered aries before the sun entered cancer - when sun entered cancer moon was already passed the square aspect...
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    Which house rules social media?

    If the account is for Career purposes, the 10th shows its a good idea. The moon doesnt actually square the sun - the sun ingressed into cancer after the moon, so the square never happened Jupiter who the moon is joined to does square the sun, but with perfection reception Sun is naturally...
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    Which house rules social media?

    If social media account is relates to the profession (such as that in tbe case of a mod, youtuber, etc) it is 10th Otherwise I would say the 1st.
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    Horary chart - Whole Sign Houses?

    I suggest that your question is actually will I get into medical school. It looks like you wont there is nothing brining lord 9 to 1 Additionally, using regio - your 9th cusp may be in leo, in which the sun separates from mars- another clear no.
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    Will I Complete My Degree?

    Moon makes application across signs - already suggesting a longer period - but it starts from a cardinal sign. Honestly, I would be tempted to say 4 semesters lol. 4 years seems a lot, that's an entire degree. 4 months seems too quick.
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    Will I get the internship?

    I would have to reach out to the hiring manger for this. It's quite a nice internship at a merchant bank. Moon sextiles L10 venus with perfect reception, and then moves to square me - Sun (the aspect does perfect, I checked) Seems like a yes, but with difficulty Also me being peregine...
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    will I have a love relationship with him?

    Hermes does sextile Zeus, which I would say declares a yes, but you being in your domicile house doesn't suggest that you really want a relationship.
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    I personally have Mercury in Aquarius, oriental and culminating, applying square to houseruler Kronos tightly From what I can recall: Mercury with Moon makes astrologers The solisital (moveable) signs are most apt for divination, specifically Aries and Capricorn Saturn in 9th makes magicians...