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    Uranus in 7th house = no longterm relationships?

    I’m a Gemini Rising, (Sagittarius Descendant) with Uranus, Mercury and Neptune in 7th. I’ve been married for 7 years to a foreigner/older man. This is actually my 1st relationship ever. Is it unconventional? Hell yes! I’m bisexual, so I’m allowed to have girlfriends on the side. We have a...
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    Transiting Uranus conj. Ascendant

    Im a 17 Degree Taurus Rising. Uranus is currently transiting my 1st house. I quit soft drinks and bad eating habits. I’ve lost a ton of weight. I started going to the gym. I started at 217lbs (August 2020) and I’m currently at 175lbs exact. I’m aiming to get to 130 lbs by June. I have zero...
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    ruler of 4th house in 9th house

    The ruler of my 4th is in my 9th. I have Jupiter in my 4th and Sun in my 9th. Yes I live abroad. I moved from my birth place when I was 9. I’ moved so much as a kid it was crazy. I moved to the US in 2014. Jupiter is opposite my MC- so big house, big property-family oriented (despite being 29...
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    Read my Synastry

    We met online 2 years ago. We been talking every day non stop ever since. We have seen each other in person only once. I plan to visit her in August. We are extremely close. Excellent communication. I really like her. I'm attracted to her. She's to. But is it meant to be? Do we have a future...