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  1. scorpittarian

    Is my dad telling me that truth? after being taught since childhood that this guy was adopted, I learn that he's actually my step brother. I'm not too accepting of this truth, lies, half lies or whatever it is. Really need to know if what my father is saying is true. :annoyed: I take the ascendant which is very...
  2. scorpittarian


    I don't know what the real situation is. These are just a few interpretations. It's highly possible that Mercury is not doing well in some life area(doesn't have to be related to Jupiter). eg. : bankrupt. Once I was Moon in Capricorn. I simply felt terribly insecure(& hurt by his words) in...
  3. scorpittarian

    Horary chart

    Better luck next year. :biggrin:
  4. scorpittarian

    When will I be in another romantic relationship?

    A retrograde Saturn in the 1st. Moon void of course. Nothing will come out of the question. Not anytime soon.
  5. scorpittarian

    How did you get on with father/saturn?

    Saturn intercepted in the 1H(of expression) in Aquarius. In 1H : We wouldn't talk much because he would come home in the mornings when I was in school. If I didn't study once a week or do well in exams, he would beat me. My house would sometimes turn into a war zone and I could do nothing but...
  6. scorpittarian

    Can horary tell outcome of a situation years ahead?

    I subscribe to your opinion. Horary astrology can answer "ever" questions. However, astrologers advise against asking such questions. I personally believe that the natal chart is there to answer "will I ever marry? or will I ever become famous?" type of questions.
  7. scorpittarian

    Would you guess my rising sign?

    hmmm...You look quite piscean to me. There's a lot of innocence, atleast IMO. Cardinal ascendant(Aries or Libra) with Neptune aspecting it. You also have a broad forehead so that could be Jupiter or Mars hanging in there.
  8. scorpittarian

    Can horary tell outcome of a situation years ahead?

    All this while, I believed Horary astrology could give you an insight into the distant future if you specified a time frame. :confused: eg: Will I marry within the next 5 years?
  9. scorpittarian

    Dominant Jupiter in 9th but no travel

    I'm no expert on aspects. I don't know what works & what doesn't. It's just that I don't attach a lot of importance to aspects that are not within 5 degrees(especially out of sign aspects since they're already weak). Exceptions are transits, progressions, T-squares, etc.
  10. scorpittarian

    Is this the right job for me?

    Late ascendant which makes the chart unsafe to judge. Possibilities --> you're desperate. --> you've asked the same question before. --> you already know the answer. --> It's too late to do anything about the job. IMO, you're at the end of the rope(Venus in the 8th, ascendant in via combusta)...
  11. scorpittarian

    Houses of Wealth

    I was unlucky the first(& last!!!) time I gambled. I won a few times that day but mostly lost. The ratio was around 7:30....pretty addictive :love: you see. So no more gambling for me. I met with my first accident at age 3, bike related. My foot was operated on & now it works fine. One side...
  12. scorpittarian

    Dominant Jupiter in 9th but no travel

    The conjunction is wide & it's further weakened because it's an out of sign aspect.
  13. scorpittarian

    Horary chart

    you're mercury & moon. Your partner's represented by Jupiter. Mercury won't get to Jupiter. Too much of interference. It's next aspect is to Mars while Sun combusts Jupiter. Mercury in the 8H of loss & disappoinment. Moon's it's detriment in Capricorn. Last aspect is a square to Saturn. No...
  14. scorpittarian

    Dominant Jupiter in 9th but no travel

    I'm talking about pre-historic days, when Homo erectus didn't know how to build a raft. :smile: I couldn't control the history student in me. :o
  15. scorpittarian

    Will I relocate abroad within the next 5 years?

    Dr. Farr, reading your posts has always been a pleasure, especially this one. :smile:
  16. scorpittarian

    Will I relocate abroad within the next 5 years?

    I'm sorry about the chart above. It's a day ahead. This is the right one.
  17. scorpittarian

    Dominant Jupiter in 9th but no travel

    There was a time when man travelled on donkeys. Long distance travel wasn't a real possiblity back then. Yet there lived men with strong Jupiterian influence in their natal charts. Second, India is the 7th largest country in the world with 28 states, 6 Union Territories & 1 National Territory...
  18. scorpittarian

    Will I relocate abroad within the next 5 years?

    I applied to a university in India last year because of an ex-boyfriend & now, I'm here feeling pretty stuck, bored, restless & lost. I've been thinking on & off of saving money & taking a flight to Tibet in December. But I'm having second thoughts about the venture primarily because I can't...
  19. scorpittarian

    Sugar can make you dumb

    It's nothing new that has come to light. The doctor who had diagnosed mom with diabetes also told her that the disease can lead to temporary memory loss. Memory loss & dumbness aren't the same thing.
  20. scorpittarian

    Friendship Analysis

    Your significator : Moon in Pisces. His significator : Venus in Gemini. Moon's last aspect was a sextile to Mercury. Moon in Pisces(detriment & fall of merc.) = You were as pleasant as possible(sextile) but didn't really want to hold the conversation or like what was being said. It was this...