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    Predictions in Astrology Using Transits

    Predictive Astrology About transits Moon to Sun: Emotional convenience Mercury to Sun: Lots of communication Venus to Sun: Sex Mars to Sun: activity Jupiter to Sun: emotional intensity Uranus: indivergence
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    No vocation but full 6th and 10th house

    Hello, if you don't know what you should do, you should become an astrologer. Becoming an astrologer enhances your vision about life, and gives you new opportunity to grow mentally and with wisdom. :joyful:
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    Hello Joana. how are you? Do you want to post your chart?
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    Binge eating 12th house..

    thanks for the useful responses. Binge eating is Neptunian
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    Pisces is a good sign. It means sensitivity and intellectual drive. Usually. It can also mean down-hardedness. And socialitism. Unfortunately. :)
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    Pisces is quite warm-hearted. They can be crazy inside. But usually they are well-feeling. They are never odd. But Virgo are sometimes odd. Laugh, therefore, see Pisces as good-hearted person, who likes to help others. They feel good when you think that.
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    Hello, with Your chart, you should better be a Designer, or Comfort artist. Seriously.
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    Astrology: When to start a Relationship

    Hi there, starting a relationship is not always easy. If you know when you first met someone, you need to watch the Event chart of the first meeting. :love: It tells you how the relationship will go (superficially). If Mercury Rx (retrograde) is in an angular house, it can be bad for the...
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    Can you related to my nightmare of a birth chart?

    Hello, you have a great chart. Sun in gemini and Moon in taurus means you are an intellectual thinker (Gemini) and quite earth-based (Taurus). Also good are your aspects: They mean dignity .
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    Jupiter and Mars in capricorn

    From your chart. Marriage timing: Year 2020 Or 2022 ) You are a good scorpio.
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    Jupiter and Mars in capricorn

    Do you have that? Mars there means a high sexual drive. And Jupiter in 7th house in capricorn means travel-desire. :whistling::rightful: Do you have that? Its important to compare to venus and Saturn what you have in these two aspects. Then you win. Do you have a nicely Aspected Sun?
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    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for me?

    Why, you are a Capricorn. Capricorns just need to activate their mind, then they win. :cool: Talk about it later
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    I have 6 aquarius in my chart, what does it mean?

    Moon in Aquarius means you like creative friends, and you have superstandard emotions
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    Sun conjunction, what gives?

    Hello, it's a top aspect, nothing to worry about Worry about Saturn and Jupiter they are realistic
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    When is the question

    With your Chart you can marry in your 30s easily, (not in 20s) That brings Saturn in 5 But you have to open your eyes for your mate (Jupiter in 7) so
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    Doctor ?

    You have a scorpio rising so you can be a general medicinal doctor. Sun in virgo says go for it, maybe. Sun in Virgo needs determination. But Pluto at the end of the 1st house doesn't always give it. You must rely more on your money. You can be a doctor, but not a high standing one at first...
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    Mars Libra 1st House

    Thats pretty good gives you lots of dignity.
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    Read my chart

    Hello, your Moon out of bounds mean that you can be impressive and charging It means you can be off the friendship You have a good chart
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    Q: Will I travel to USA soon

    Question: Will I travel to USA within 40 years? Interpretation basic: Virgo asc and Jupiter in Sag as 4th ruler means no.
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    About the Signs (my interpretation) Aries

    I write my interpretation on the signs here (William Lilly style): My ideas, opinions and sharings, for early Summer season. Share your opinions too. Please. Aries: A very honest sign. Sign of fruition. Aries are always crazy, intelligent and honest. They believe in true love, and are always...