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  1. creativei

    Marriage issue..really disapointed

    Venus must not get exalted and debiliated, it shuld be fair without much opulence. Debiliated Venus won't give marriage while exalted Venus gives but no use from it. Remedy will won't do any magic. Chart is predestined each and every alignment related with your past life if you try to modify...
  2. creativei

    Marriage issue..really disapointed

    Disgrace means after all preparation suddenly girl mind changes she says some lame reason to stop the marriage. Even touch your self respect n ego. I know one Cancer rasi guy sad experience aftr all preparation giri suddenly dropped alliance telling lame reasons but he found another girl n...
  3. creativei

    Marriage issue..really disapointed

    " if someone wants to be part of your life they will make an effort to be in, don't reserve a place for someone who didn't care or bother you " If you are professionally successful n sound finance then all girl will flock around, they don't care those guys who runs behind them. If right time...
  4. creativei

    Problems in house construction

    It's astrologers sign language can't say as years moves on you know that.
  5. creativei

    Problems in house construction

    You will have changes expenditures mental agony in the matters of home mom and finance but it will be good later on residential comforts are good you get land buildings etc even gains from that, but for temporary period you face death like sufferings which spoils your peace coming periods...
  6. creativei

    Regarding PF

    You should not see rahu dasa alone many things to consider from moonsign rahu in 10th also rahu is exalted in Taurus his friend house also 10th Lord venus in 3rd with 6th n 7th lord offcourse it gives changes but it will be good since sat exalted in 3rd is good. You indeed get it but aftr...
  7. creativei

    What are the effects and benefits of blue sapphire?

    Sorry to demotivate you. No stone cant stand before fate we came Here to reap karma in that we get few good things due to little pious deeds majority of karma are negative only. Im not belittling gemstones it also has significance created by god for welfare of mankind. But magnitude of karma...
  8. creativei

    Marriage during 2nd phase of sade sati good???

    You know one thing all important things happens only in sadesati thats mystetious of planet's works. It's because there by entangling you in something saturn fullfils his pending duties so its not bad jst make sure muhurtha is good and girl chart is acceptable its enough. If kulastree is gem...
  9. creativei

    degree/impact on combustion of planets due to debilitated sun

    Karagatwa acts first than lordship. Sun in Libra pitru dosh either enemity with father or no use of dad irresponsible bitter drunken dad who shakes off family responsiblity. Sun in libra weak moral compass not loyal or truthful person also this creates problems in married life as libra is...
  10. creativei

    Regarding carrer

    Both from lagna n 4rasi 10th Lord in rohini nakshatra which takes person into creative field also self earned wealth too. From moonsign venue id 5th n 10th lord is in 5th who is yogakaraga for your moonsign even venus alone in 10th gives media touch then what to say he owns 5th n 10th n strong...
  11. creativei

    Health issues

    It matches with your chart current planetary transit too confirms it. 2nd Lord Saturn in 1st with rahu and aspected by 12th Lord Jupiter. Both 8th n 6th Lords in 2nd house of eyes even from birth itself you may had facial Eye trouble. Sun alone 2nd house gives that and he 8th Lord too. You...
  12. creativei

    Kemadruma dosha

    If moon doesn't have planets on either side of (excluding rahu ketu ) it then it gives kemudra dosh, result are poverty gloomy loneliness detached wretched etc. It has nothing to do with overall chart we have to see other thing's too. I know many kemudra dosh persons are living comfort strong...
  13. creativei

    HELP! Worried mommy! 8th Lord in the 12th means short or long life? Special needs kid.

    Oh sad to hear surely i pray to God for him. Don't lose hope all will be fine as years goes. Is he only kid or he have after borns?
  14. creativei

    Based on my chart, how would my love life be?

    Mirgasira nakshstra native do love marriage only 🤪
  15. creativei

    Regarding government job

    Moon placement tells ones profession moon in Libra indicate govt business politics public service travel related jobs. Mostly libra natives do business or any govt related jobs only. 8n your chart asc Lord saturm in 11th with 7th Lord sun this makes you public fixer totally devoted to social...
  16. creativei

    Regarding government job

    Moon in libra takes person either govt side or business side these people are devoted to govt related things. Your chart indicates one who devoted to public not 9 to 5 job. You need constant travel n much social interactions also you are self earner too aqua asc native will have one Job...
  17. creativei

    HELP! Worried mommy! 8th Lord in the 12th means short or long life? Special needs kid.

    Longevity is good but he may have health issues on and off and one near death experience in rahu dasa which he overcome by gods Grace other than that no problem for life. .. Be careful in train journey's and level crossings. Take care his eyes he may have problems in eyes n speech. Not...
  18. creativei

    Three years to marriage and still no child

    Saying from sister in law chart. Indeed child birth present but it happens only after undergoing some didgrace medical treatments and few miscarriages. Both jupitr and 5th Lord afflicted. Child will have health issues or disobedient to certain age Aftr its good. To my knowledge childbitth...
  19. creativei

    Characteristics of the person I will mary...

    You get forgein element only. Rahu influencing 7th.
  20. creativei

    Characteristics of the person I will mary...

    Im saying what ur chart says no extra words from me. You indeed get child but it will have problems, its your previous karma. All your relationships are from forgein only no chance of hometown. They all have 12th House siginifications which i mentioned above post. You can get house...