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  1. Pallas-trine-Mars

    VOC Moon Experiment

    Re: VOC Moon Experiment: Vesta Wednesday Sept 5 2012 I was supposed to start a new project at my job. It got pulled for that night before I even got there or knew I was supposed to do it. The Moon wasn't even halfway through tropical Taurus that afternoon, EDT and was considered void for...
  2. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Care to guess Lady Gaga's ascendant?

    Any more info on the source of the birthtime? IMO I see kind of a strong airiness in Gaga. Back when her career was just getting started she seemed to LOVE to talk in her one-on-one interviews, before she got burnt out on interviews millions of them later...
  3. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Mariah Carey has a Taurus Ascendant

    Taurus I find more believable than the Cancer rising charts they used to have for her. Just listen to her speaking voice: Nearly mute, very grounded and patient-sounding most of the time. I also have felt skeptical of the Sagittarius Moon she has in the 1970 chart.
  4. Pallas-trine-Mars

    When did you get into astrology?

    Basically my parents knew a little bit. They knew which Sun signs they were a detail or two of what some of their Sun sign descriptions are, though they really don't know much or care a lot. They told me what my sign was, Cancer. I looked it up in an encyclopedia and thought 'hmm, I guess that...
  5. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Apparent Inconsistencies in Astrology

    I'd say Saturn generally seems to be a planet involved in DELAYS and inefficiency, not time or necessarily time itself. That concept seems to generally come from people getting Cronus, the equivalent of Saturn, confused with CHRONOS, the god of time.
  6. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Why aren't there any birds among the signs?

    I actually kind of agree (although perhaps astrotheme means a chameleon, which I've also seen associated with Libra, seeing as it's largely translated from French). Lizards are kind of patient, slow moving, they seem to consider everything they do before they do it, which would relate I guess to...
  7. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Why aren't there any birds among the signs?

    Wrong, humans are animals and there are 3 depicted: Aquarius, usually a man and two young human twins in Gemini. I think the literal myth of Astraea was that she got so offended by human nature she went back to Heaven as the constellation Virgo holding her scales. There are also not really any...
  8. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Is it time for an astro redesign thanks to astronomy?

    Opened minds preferred! I think we might now have an opportunity, thank you, Galileo, for those of us so inclined, to reexamine our systems. In ancient times only 7 "planets" were known, yet there were twelve signs created, perhaps a sun-moon, solar and lunar year concept, and this model has...
  9. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Method of Applying 13 Sign Zodiac

    I don't like the idea. For one, it's pretty fishy, the whole 'zomg there's an extra sign!' movement. Obviously calculated and serving some purpose to someone. That doesn't make it a bad idea. What I dislike is how it would, or could, ruin the concept of exaltation and fall, which I find to be...
  10. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Why aren't there any birds among the signs?

    I always associate the sign Libra with the Ostrich, which i consider it's animal equivalent seeing as it's the only sign not represented by an animal, unless you consider Aquarius an object and not a person (which I don't). Some might say Libra is the goddess Astraea, but I see her as Virgo the...
  11. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Galactic Center as ruler of Taurus?

    Because Venus is an attractive force and in many ways the 'social rule', which to me means she relates to the Air element more than the dry, introverted, hard-working (and she has a reputation to some as being lazy) Earth signs (not an insult BTW, just going on usual observations of the signs...
  12. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Galactic Center as ruler of Taurus?

    Well the astrology of the GC is of course poorly understood, as it's very newly known. But the GC has been in Sagittarius from almost year 1 (on its way now to Capricorn in about 300 years) and it seems to me they have a Taurusness to them, particularly their famous love of food. Basically, I'm...
  13. Pallas-trine-Mars


    The stereotypical hippie: Pot-smoking (or some other drug as Rebel Uranian points out), idealistic, sensitive, can't be argued with, a fan of some kind of new age fad, associated with "trippy' patterns like tie-dye, something else Piscean-seeming to them, like the way they talk, or their long...
  14. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Galactic Center as ruler of Taurus?

    Just as idea, I know Ceres and even Chiron have been looked at. Technically it is the most fixed thing in the galaxy at a slow and steady apparent speed of about 1 sign about every 2,000 years, but all the other fixed signs are thought to have rulers. Also, what's the name of our galaxy? Milky...
  15. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Asteroid - Orcus - Can someone who knows about this shed some light?

    I'd love to use Orcus more, if only we didn't "already have one" (Pluto), or maybe I'm not being fair... BTW isn't Orcus a "dwarf planet", not an asteroid?
  16. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Man and asteroids

    :pinched: So many reasons why that's ain't happening and won't solve a dang thing I'm not sure where to start No, I think NASA just finally started to take more appreciation in the asteroids instead of just seeing them as smaller than the planets and not worth studying. Or maybe it's that now...
  17. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Hormone layer of tno's

    I'm confused.. Can you explain your process/basis?
  18. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Have we found "Vulcan"?

    Planetoid 3200 Phaeton has an amazing orbit coming really, really close to the Sun. The thing seems to connect all of the terrestrial planets out to the asteroid belt. It's considered the source of the Geminid meteor showers is named after a son of Apollo who rode his chariot (and accidentally...
  19. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Interesting thing I just realised about the days of the week!

    You didn't get "Sun day"? Also, month 30 days- moon 28 day orbit Thursday - Thor's day (Jupiter) Friday - Freya's day (Venus) Saturday - Saturn's day
  20. Pallas-trine-Mars

    Wow, even my Spam Folder insults me...

    Yes, most people are manglik, but manglik can often be cancelled out. Btw vedic is not my specialty. I think I've also read that two manglik people cancel each other out.