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    Lottery winners!

    sure, luck has everything to do with it - but finding when you are lucky is going to take some work on your part. We have access to transits and solar/lunar/etc returns. Anyone can "win the lottery" if they figure out when their "lucky" times are. I've been researching the "lucky" aspects...
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    Discussion Solar Returns Starlinks Article

    Where's Aries and Taurus!? lol :tongue:
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    Sun CONJUNCT Venus

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    Request for Chart Interpretation(s)

    Hello everyone! Back again (and I brought some asteroids with me this time...) hahaha! Looking for some perspectives here. Recently, I've "given up" on pursuing romantc relationships as I find them constricting so what I'm looking to find out here is purely career, money, special gifts and...
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    Can someone read my chart, please?

    Please use and create a chart there, save it to your computer and upload it to your posts so others can get a view of the chart photo.
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    Frank Ocean

    Taken from "Christopher Francis Ocean was born Christopher Breaux. Billy Ocean was born Leslie Sebastian Charles. They both changed their names and they aren't related. ChaCha!"
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    Pluto retrograde in 5th

    So glad to have stumbled upon you, Lovely Miss Aries! I, to have many placements in my chart just like you. Pluto Rx in 5th and Moon in 11th. You have a Stellium in your 10th house, too, so you're a big deal in the public eye. I second this notion to discover the meaning of this placement...
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    What challenges/rewards await me in my new Massage Therapy career?

    Hello? Anyone?? Beuler....Beuler... *sigh* *awaits for the universe to align the information with my intelligence* :whistling:
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    What challenges/rewards await me in my new Massage Therapy career?

    I've recently completed education and on my way to receiving my license to practice massage therapy here in Florida and I am quite excited to begin this new journey of healing and spiritual growth. I've always been "all over the place" with interests and passions but I've never settled on...
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    Hello Hekate! Welcome to the community. I hope you find a lot of insight here. To begin, try using to pull up a chart for yourself. Go to "extended chart" section and save the image after making the file size a bit bigger, try 65%. Once you save this, upload it each time you...
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    Pluto in the 5th House

    FullMoonLibra, Im still "new to the game" so the transit/aspects that you've described to me is difficult for me to understand. I've been loving astrology for 3 years now, you'd think I'd get it.... BlackEmpress, I dated a Libra Sun/Cancer Moon who enjoyed much of the same things your sister...
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    Pluto in the 5th House

    Pluto Pluto in the 5th House indicates that the soul, over many lifetimes, is learning about individuality and creativity. At one end of the spectrum of experience available through the 5th House is megalomania, exhibitionism and sexual aggression; at the other is the fulfilment of a creative...
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    Stellium in 11th house?

    DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!! FIVE PLANETS IN ONE HOUSE! *phew* I have 3 in the 11th house: Sun, Moon, and Mercury. 11th House Taurus/Aries. Any ideas on what this could mean for me?? Any input would be appreciated. LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL! :innocent:
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    Mars, the Bringer of War: What It Means In Your Chart

    First off, great post Rapt. Interesting, well written and chock full of great ideas. Personally, I've always viewed Mars as the physical energies behind our nature. HOW we assert ourselves and the motives, the drives, etc. that is put behind our ACTION. Yes, Mars is absolutely a planet...
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    Eclipse's causing nightmares of terrifying proportion?

    Not silly at all! All things have very real reasons behind them; dare you question the moon's motives?? :innocent: As a matter of fact...I, too, had a repulsive nightmare last night (more specifically between the hours of 12:45 and 2:30am EST). As most of my nightmares are, I was seeing my...
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    A Beautiful Man?

    I used 3 for synastry and 40 for composite as per Astrologer50's suggestion. Nevermind then...It's been a long day changing and saving and uploading. If you cant read it then, fine. I understand. Neither can I - which is why I've made the inquiries. Take care.
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    Does our composite chart show promise, love and good health?

    Thank you A50, I've heard what I needed to. And we ironically just finished an arguement about "where this relationship is going", to boot. I feel a bit drained. I'm getting yelled at because I cant trust - but woman to woman, how does one trust someone so friggin private and doesnt want to talk...
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    Does our composite chart show promise, love and good health?

    I think i finally got it!!!! Here's both synastry and comp.
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    A Beautiful Man?

    Okay....I've made the adjustments per your request. Now, I've gone ahead and loaded and saved using the correct percentages. On the site, I can see it large. When it saves, it shows up small once I upload it to this site. IDK why its like this...In any case, if youre using internet explorer...