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    Impactful people and outer planets

    I'm a Millennial with a 2nd house angled Pluto that aspects every inner planet in my natal chart. I've been told my chart is classic Plutonian. I always was under the impression angled Pluto's contribute to situational luck? I.e. physically being in the right place, at the right time. For...
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    Why do I frequently encounter celebrities?

    I used to look at asteroid astrology due to my chart being somewhat "meh". (Don't worry, I quickly realized asteroid astrology is way too complicated). For example, isn't having a Jupiter-Sun conjunction considered a bad placement? (They cross each other out). Ditto for Mars in the 12th house...
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    Sun in 12th house absent/dead father figure?

    Isn't Pluto in the 2nd house linked to a dead and/or absent father?
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    Acting talent

    I second this. I'm friends with an entertainment lawyer, a lot of acting workshops are covers for "pay to play" auditions. In California, its illegal to charge actors for an audition; by calling the auditions acting workshops they can get around existing labor laws.
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    Taylor Swift

    :biggrin: Your friend's grandson is very wise for his age! Similar to how when two wildfires meet and burn each other out, I think double fire signs lose some of their traditional fire sign traits - and take on Earth sign qualities. Like your friend's grandson, Swift tells it like it is. In a...
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    Why do I frequently encounter celebrities?

    Thank you so much. If all goes well I'll be off chemo very soon. I try my best to stay positive (although I'm a bit of a worrier so I try not to read up on all the rare potential side effects or complications of my treatment.) I meant Uranus conjunction (...I'm really not good at astrology)...
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    Why do I frequently encounter celebrities?

    Thank you, again. I apologize profusely :( I'm currently on chemo to treat an autoimmune disease that's been messing with my kidneys (to quote Dr. House - its not Lupus; although its quite similar to Lupus from a Rheumatology perspective), so my brain hasn't been too good lately. I probably...
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    Why do I frequently encounter celebrities?

    I really appreciate your detailed reply, but I was wondering if you could rereard my chart? I posted the wrong chart! *I feel like an idiot*
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    Why do I frequently encounter celebrities?

    Alas I wrote out a long reply but my computer crashed :pinched: Thank you so much for your insight! Although I am a bit confused by what you meant at the end with delegating between my career and social status? I'm not much interested in my social status, I just don't want to be poor and...
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    Taylor Swift

    I apologize profusely, I confused Sagittarius with Capricorn in my original post. (They're both signs with hooved creatures as their symbol, and I'm still recovering from my New Years Eve party), I meant my boyfriend's a Sagittarius-Leo rising, like Swift. He has many traits that cross over with...
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    is my endometriosis caused by fifth house saturn

    May I chime in with a recommendation? You can use the original sunscreen - pure zinc oxide! (the famous white strips on the noses of lifeguards in old movies, was zinc oxide). I believe its the equivalent of SPF 40. You can find it in most baby isles of your standard drug store. Its the main...
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    Why do I frequently encounter celebrities?

    I don't live in Los Angeles (or any glamorous neighborhood that stars flock to), or work in the entertainment industry (or any industry for that matter - I'm just a poor college student), but I've noticed for awhile I have the bizarre tendency to run into celebrities during my everyday life...
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    mars in the 12th house-and beeing unemployed

    I have Mars 12th in Virgo; not a fun placement. Prone to anxiety/stress out easily, office environments make it hard for me to stay focused & on task. I agree with your statement about being self-employed. I'm more successful working for myself. I can pick my own hours, do things my way. Its...
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    Mars in the 12 house - underestimated/not taken seriously by others?

    Sorry it took so long to reply, I've been sick. Thank you for all the replies! I attached my chart. I have a lot of Mars interactions.
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    Mars square Pluto - most difficult sign placements

    I have Mars square Pluto. I'm not violent, but I have been the victim of crimes. I've always internalized the pain, and for awhile blamed myself for being victimized.
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    Mars in the 12 house - underestimated/not taken seriously by others?

    I was born with Mars in the 12 house, and for all of my life I've been treated like an airhead. I'm relatively intelligent, but no one ever takes me seriously. When I tell people of my goals, they're dismissive and condescending. "Well, good luck with that". When I successfully complete said...