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    Composite lilith conjuct IC?

    Hello Can somebody tell me what can it mean that in mine and my boyfriends composite there is lilith tightly conjuct the IC. There is also moon in 4th house largeley conjuct the lilith. Thank you
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    How 'true' is Eros/Psyche in synastry?

    Thank youu.. i do like him buz he is the one who is more assertive and is coming on me super hard hahaah i dont know how to act xD
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    Read my synastry

    What about these aspects. Node Conjunction MC Orb 1°31' Uranus Conjunction Pluto Orb 2°54' Mars Conjunction AS Orb 3°32' Mars Conjunction Mars Orb 6°44' Neptune Conjunction Moon Orb 7°15' Venus Conjunction AS Orb 8°00' Moon Conjunction Pluto Orb 10°54 Sun Opposite Venus Orb 0°39' Saturn...
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    How 'true' is Eros/Psyche in synastry?

    What about if his eros is in same sign as my psyche but in about 6 degress? Does this count. His eros is also conjuct my mars (2degrrss) and my ascendant (4 degress). Whit this his mars is also in conjuct to my mars (6degres) and my ascendant (3degres). So his nars venus and eros sit right in my...
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    My chart :fartility,happiness,relationships

    Heloo ! I would like to ask if any of you would be so kind to tell me what my chart indicates as for fertility marrige and family. I dont know how to read it but i am verry interested to