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    What happens after you die?

    In 1993 during surgery I had a near death experience. I must have suffered a great blood loss which brought me close to the other side. I saw loved ones who basically indicated it was not yet my time to die. They were in a state of loving bliss. I experienced the GOD Light. It was joyous...
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    Clairvoyance in a chart

    I have multiple psychic markers in my natal chart but being raised Catholic, I was told that talking to spirit was "demonic". I stomped my abilities down deep inside. Throughout my life I continued to have contact with spirit but was afraid to open to the experience. Years later after a...
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    Do I have a psychic predisposition and can I develop this?

    Although I am a relative novice at charts, it sure seems that your stellium in the 8th house is a definite set up for psychic experiences. I have had such experiences all my life but in order to "trigger" these experiences, you must give your conscious self permission for them to occur...
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    Gastric Bypass

    I suggest the skilled astrologers on this site help you setting up your transits. I am a gastric bypass pt who had surgery in 2008 and has kept 120 off for nearly seven years. The surgery works if you follow the protocols set up by the provider program. Gastric bypass allows for the part...
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    Planets in 4th, 8th, 12th

    I have Mars, the ruler of my 8th house placed in my 8th together with chiron,part of fortune and ceres. NN is in my 12th. Also, I have Uranus in cancer conj my IC and the moon is in my first house, Neptune is planted in my 6th house. I have had OBEs since age seven. Seen spirit, heard...
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    The Law of Attraction - Real or Insane?

    I am a nearly 65 y/o Nurse. I have always been a loving person and very spiritually connected. I have shown Love and Light throughout my professional career to the patients and families I have worked with. I have always felt a deep connection to the DIVINE. In all my life, whatever I asked...
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    Nebraska Woman Files Suit Against All Homosexuals

    The Nebraska woman should have named God in her lawsuit. Homosexuality exists throughout all of Nature. So many she should sue God if she thinks a mistake was made. Blessings
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    Blessings of YOD..

    Hello, with Chiron seated so visibly in your chart, I would consider the helping professions like Nursing, Medicine, Physical Therapy, Social Services. Also with your Jupiter placed in the 12th House the notion of spirituality being infused in your work could help. I have been a...
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    Royal wedding for Prince Harry?

    I have known people with moon in 4th house and their mothers have had many challenges to face. Also some of these individuals ended up having to "parent" their own mothers to a degree. This was reportedly the case with Prince William who nurtured his mother through her marital problems...
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    The Little Taurus Princess

    Can anyone cast an interpret a chart that asks the following question. Is this new princess the reincarnation of Diana Princess of Wales? I am not acquainted with that mechanism yet. Blessings:joyful:
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    What can astrology reveal to me about my past lives

    I have been able to retrieve info on my past lives by asking my higher self (just before bedtime) to please show me a past life. I awaken the next day with memories of a dream that was more like a movie than a regular dream. I have also used mirror gazing meditations to visually see my...
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    Chiron: where it hurts

    I have Chiron conjunct Ceres in my 8th house. Mars is also conjunct part of fortune in my 8th house. Within the last years, I have lost a total of 12 people whose deaths have totally devastated me. I have psychic gifts and see and hear spirit all the time but death still is quite painful...
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    Camilla Parker Bowles

    No, I am not bored. I am psychic and had a vision this AM indicating that Camilla could indeed be the reincarnation of this individual. I was asking for this chart because I am a relatively newer seeker. I really value the input that older, more experienced astrologers can provide. I am...
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    Camilla Parker Bowles

    Can someone cast a chart asking if Camilla Parker Bowles could be the reincarnation of her Great Grandmother Alice Keppel??????:pouty:
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    When to play the lottery

    I play the lottery on a regular basis. I play with a group of others. I have many of the marks listed by Dixon, Jeanne which supposedly indicate a likely winner. My psychic experiences have also facilitated wins for me. I can look at a lottery case of tickets and pick winners just by...
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    Aspects supporting GENIUS or ECCENTRICITY!!!

    I am truly enjoying this thread. I have uranus in cancer in my third house conj my IC. Uranus also squares my Sun in the 6th house. My mercury is in my sixth house in virgo. My Jupiter is in aquarius in my 11th house. Lillith is in second at 29 degrees. I did exceptionally well in...
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    Sixth house

    I have stellium in the sixth house including neptune, sun, venus, saturn and mercury. I am a libra and most of my stellium are posited in virgo. For 41 years I have happily enjoyed working as a Registered Nurse with a graduate degree in Public Health. Unlike, many nurses, I have never...
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    Mars - Lilith Aspects

    I have lilith in taurus at 29 deg in second house opposing Mars ruler of the 8th house seated in the eighth house. I perceive great strength from this placement. To me, 2nd house lilith is a gift strengthened by its connection to Mars ruler of my eighth house. I choose not to accept...
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    reincarnation theories?

    I am a firm believer in reincarnation and have been able to access and view past lives in trance or through my dreams. One important concept came to me early on in this process. If we think of the very significant individuals in our life particularly those we meet during life. The reason we...
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    Is Satan/Devil the Ego

    I think we as a species through years of focusing on an external force named SATAN have literally created a thought form of very powerful energy. Hate and all lower forms of energy ensure continued existence for this most powerful demonic entity. Perhaps such a demonic element was given...