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    Can somebody read this please?

    The reason you might not have gotten a response before is the types of questions you are asking about are really hard and a professional astrologer would use more then your natal chart to answer such as transits, solar returns etc... a natal chart is more about your personality. Your second...
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    Continiue friendship or not?

    Moon transiting your 9th house depicts emotional issues at present around an academic or academia (but this moves in a day so it might be a bigger issue on the day you cast the chart for lol), with mercury soon to entree the 7th house i am sure your focus on communicating will shift to a...
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    Does your handwriting match your Ascendant?

    My handwriting is cursive (not that i learned cursive I just kind of picked it up to write faster), and big and gets bigger and bigger if i am upset (only cancer 3rd input I can see) or maybe moon in Sag cancers significator would account for size. Mercury in Aquarius 9th house I feel I do...
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    how does he feel about me?

    Thank you guys, Frank is my ex-boyfriend as of six weeks. i am thinking about what you've said i am not sure what to say...I am sure i always loved him more then he loved me. I am certain e is angry with me even though he behaved badly (and dumped me for another woman who turned out just an...
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    Continiue friendship or not?

    From a quick look at the transit chart Sun square Natal Sun, Sun square Natal Moon doesn't look good to me, also Mercury square Mercury and Mercury square venus is very bad for communications in general and very bad for communications involving emotions and Mercury square Jupiter not lucky...
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    Feeling very conflicted with my chart, advice requested

    Personally I think many of the seemingly contradictory aspects of you chart can be explained by the Houses they are in. For example your moon is in the 4th House in Sagittarius it might explain itself through a love of documentaries on travel/politics etc... or just decorate influenced by other...
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    how does he feel about me?

    First thank you to everyone who has read my Horary charts they have helped me through an emotional crisis This question is How does Frank feel about me? My significator is the Moon in the 7th House (detriment in Capricorn yuck, but his moon is in Capricorn natally too) conjunct Mars, his...
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    When will the one i love return to me?

    Thank you kalypso1979, we broke up about five weeks ago he behaved badly but i am still in-love with him I am guessing I will have to wait.
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    Please read my chart

    You have a Gemini Rising loves to learn. Curious about everything, they are always on the lookout for something that will help them socially. If someone is pestering you with questions, they probably have a Gemini Ascendant. They are restless, and often appear impatient. Their cleverness can...
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    Continiue friendship or not?

    Honestly I think for a true assessment of this relationship/friendship you need his birth data, but if you repost your chart with transits we can have more of an indication of what is going on for you atm. i suspect you are sexually attracted to this male because Capricorn (representing older...
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    Will I have a baby in the next three years?

    Dear dr farr and rafaella, Thank you both so much for your input I will give both deep consideration :). I can't assess my partners ability to have a child because I am single atm. I really appreciate the comment on the 60 year old woman, because on this matter I live in fear, but I know that...
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    Will I have a new deep and meaningful romantic relationship in the next 12 months?

    Will I have a new deep and meaningful romantic relationship in the next 12 months? I am hurt really badly by a break up in November and I need to know there is hope of love in my rear future. I definitely want a NEW relationship but I am not sure i could not have a new relationship with my ex...
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    Will I have a baby in the next three years?

    Thank you rafaella, this news is hard for me to hear, but I want to live in truth without denying magic can change the future too, though as I am recently single I cast this chart to elevate my fears. I imagine that a new chart would be appropriate when I enter a relationship. To answer your...
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    Deliver healthy baby no complications?

    I can't interpret the chart sorry, but just to let you know if a baby has autism it usually doesn't develop till 18 months old. My question is can you love and care for a baby that might not be healthy? I know no one wants to see their child suffer but no one has the perfect child. I wish you...
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    Will I have a baby in the next three years?

    I've reshaped my question and asked a few days later based on past advice Will I have a baby in the next three years? Thank you
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    natal and transits

    Thank you Money power respect, what you say rings true especially the sudden end to my relationship and me being compulsive lol.
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    Does anyone really read these?

    Hello, what a lovely introduction to the art and science of astrology :)
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    solar return 2013

    here is the solar return chart for 2013 without the bi-wheel, hopefully someone will be able to interpret it I am too close to the situation (my life lo), but I am scared by the stellium in the 1st in Pisces (natally this is my 10th house) hank you for help :)