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    Venus in Taurus in the 5th house

    based on the pluto being mentioned, are you getting some sort of unwanted attention or being stalked?
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    Is any planet conjunct Sun always Combust?

    how would combustion affect a conjunction happening in the same sign and house? would the effect be less visible then? for instance, I have sun conjunct venus 9 degrees 38 minutes, both sun & venus in taurus and in 5th house. is there a sort of cancelling out going on here? or does it make...
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    My Chart and the Music Industry

    wow, I'm 8 days older than we have nearly all the same planets in the same signs, except moon...yours is in gemini while mine is in also have 6 retrogrades like me! :surprised: i totally feel your pain, lol...I'm in sort of a similar situation to you I guess...these...
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    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    i consider David Beckham one ideal of attractiveness for men and was suprised to find out he was a taurus rising...
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    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    i always thought olivia palermo was awesome looking, despite her bad rap...whats her rising though? i definitely see some pisces characteristics from her sun too i think...
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    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    :rightful: "looks" alone my favs are: 1. scorp rising (megan fox) 2. sag rising (kim kardashian) &me!:tongue: i dont get the appeal of libra asc but the ones i do know give off a really peaceful easygoing vibe that i guess makes them attractive...
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    Sex Partners

    hmm, I have sun and venus in taurus in 5th but no planets in 7th or 8th. are you saying that 5th house partnerships/relationships are relegated to being superficial (in the sense that they primarily serve to appease physical senses) and not grounded in substance or are not as long lasting as say...
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    Saturn Returns, RMC, Life guidance

    [note to mod: please move this to natal chart area if it's more appropriate there, I wasn't sure] I've noticed that a lot of the RMC posts regarding things like life choices/career questions/relationship guidence are occurring with people who are either approaching or in some stage of their...
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    how many retrogrades do you have?

    6: mars scorpio 11th jupiter capricorn 1st saturn scorpio 11th uranus sagittarius end of house 12 neptune capricorn 1st pluto scorpio end of house 10 7 if you count moon's node? moon's node in gemini in 6th all retrograde...:andy:
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    Pls help me regarding to my Love Life

    i have 5th house taurus venus opposed saturn...does this usually mean no children?
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    Pluto in Scorpio in 10th house

    edit: Actually 10th or 11th, since my own pluto is at the end of house 10, so either or both interpretations could end up applying... Can anyone offer any insight into this particular configuration? Do you have it? How does it play out for you? What does it usually indicate to the person who...
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    How planets can bring name, fame and glory to you.

    Hi Claire, you seem really adamant about no 10th house planets indicating no fame, almost as an absolute when you say it like you did, "without 10th house planets and or node, there will be no fame.", But this is despite Ray Austin clearly describing the opposite. My only problem with you saying...
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    How planets can bring name, fame and glory to you.

    I thought this article's take on the 10th also being called the "house of downfalls" was interesting...and makes sense considering the sobering effect of saturn in general to most everything: notable quote from article: "The 10th house is also called...
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    Neptune in 1st house

    I have neptune in cap in the first, sag rising; jupiter in cap in house 1 sun opp saturn venus opp saturn mars conj saturn jupiter sextile saturn - definitely see neptune's less wonderful attributes:pinched: then I have: moon sq. neptune mercury trine neptune venus trine neptune neptune...
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    Neptune in 1st house

    it only affects appearance though if it's aspected right? otherwise, not so much? or what was your take on that? monroe bland? man, I dunno, lol, but maybe it was the fact she always seemed slightly medicated that made her seem alluring? :andy: who are the others?
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    Pluto Sextile Neptune

    hmm...lots of misunderstandings happening in the forum the last weeks...mercury retrograde maybe? only 3 days left of that right? SMILE PEOPLE :biggrin: anyways, I have natal neptune sextile pluto, but in terms of synastry, wouldn't the rarity depend on further details? like in what signs the...
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    Things Commonly Said To Your Sign:

    hahaha zing!
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    How planets can bring name, fame and glory to you.

    wow, I seriously need to read better, lol I'm just glad to know there's hope for us empty 10th house people after all:lol:
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    Neptune in 1st house

    I was just about to respond to your previous post about being "people pleasers" and "self-sufferers" because of how strongly that resonated with me, before this showed up, lol... - yes, I'll always do what the other person wants to do...when she says she lost her identity after you split, I...
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    Neptune in 1st house

    I have neptune in 1st square moon, trine mercury and venus, and sextile pluto...I agree that it does the same for me as described above, but even if my hunches about people end up being accurate, they often get written off as paranoia, lol