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    Lots of fire? Chart Interpretation Request

    I kinda wondered what other people thought of it. I don't think the second site (cafe.astrology) is exact in its natal charts. One says my Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars are in the 5th house & another website says they are in the 12th house >:( also:whistling: how are my sun & moon square if they...
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    My finances

    Im just learning about Astrology for 6 months, so I wish I could help you! I'm 18 years old too. Ive never heard of that kind of chart.. Is it your personal birth chart?
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    Lots of fire? Chart Interpretation Request

    About a year ago, I started reading about astrology as it caught my attention & I'm trying to learn as much as you possibly can about it. It's interesting that every friend's chart I look up matches their personality. but anyway, I was wondering if anyone can analyze my chart using Western...