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    Will taking antipsychotics cut you off from God?

    ". I see beautiful wonderful and amazing things on a daily basis, the miracles of life." Please elaborate.
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    Depressed, stressed and fed up by it’s every meaning

    I have south node in seventh house in vedic astrology. I've experienced that thing where someone tells me what worked for them socially..but then it didnt work for me.
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    So...Pluto has been conjunct my Vertex for 3 months now and NOTHING has happened. What gives?

    Pluto is the slowest moving planet i think. Uranus is on my vertex at the moment. My life hasnt changed. Im just doing the usual. Saturn is on my sun and uranus is opposite my uranus...and its on my moon. Im just getting upset about my circumstances but nothing in sight to help.
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    Libra Sun

    well, thats very harmonious
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    Vedic with tropical or sidereal?

    I've seen a subtle blending. In one im virgo rising with mercury in fifth house in the other im libra rising with venus in the sixth house the sixth house association of libra rising gives it a virgoan influence, the mercury in fifth house gives the virgo chart an artistic influence. Making...
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    Literal mechanism that connects heaven and earth

    if the flat earth theory is true, it all becomes a lot simpler, jupiter is no longer x billion miles away. Still no actual physical link to us though.
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    CARBS. The devil? Or misunderstood?

    true but I have noticed beneficial effects i am more 'present' and 'in the moment' when on ketogenic diet
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    Will there be a relationship with him? (please help!)

    I studied horary a while back. I forgot most of it :) Moon in Mercury's sign shows you like him a lot but its a mutable sign which suggests you won't like him for long. I think if moon goes to a different planet first it's a 'no' the fact that moon goes to Venus...not sure what it means to be...
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    Will there be a relationship with him? (please help!)

    If the moon is in 6 virgo and mercury is in 26 taurus then they will form a trine eventually. Moon is flowing to mercury then. But will it trine before mercury leaves taurus? and the fact that the moon goes to a trine with venus first.
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    Astrological part of autism

    I noticed a trend towards saturn-sun influences. Aspects between saturn and sun or sun in saturn's signs. I have mercury square moon as well
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    Vedic with tropical or sidereal?

    OK in tropical im libra rising, but sidereal virgo rising. I do fit the descriptions of both in vedic astrology (lol) I have lead quite a cursed life up until now, age 44. Libra rising has loads of functional benefics so i would hesistate before saying i really am libra rising. Maybe the truth...
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    So...Pluto has been conjunct my Vertex for 3 months now and NOTHING has happened. What gives?

    I was in a bad situation watching these things once, and thankfully was delivered. It wasn't a vertex thing though. I turned to God and then was able to escape.
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    Vedic with tropical or sidereal?

    Not sure if I understand you correctly but...for instance my moon is taurus in tropical but aries in sidereal. In sidereal the nakshatra is bharani. So youre saying to keep that interpretation but consider the moon to be in taurus? THat would make some sense ..possibly..because bharani is...
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    So...Pluto has been conjunct my Vertex for 3 months now and NOTHING has happened. What gives?

    Are you expecting to escape a bad situation? just wondering why you'd want upheaval in your life
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    Vedic with tropical or sidereal?

    well, studied my charts intensely , looking for answers because my life had gone really badly. I used tropical for western and sidereal for vedic. Overall they complemented each other I'd say. It was worth looking at both. For instance I have jupiter in ninth tropical, i like to have a good...
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    Loni Willison - from Hollywood Model to Homeless

    Uranus in the fourth house opposite sun and mars, ouch. Jupiter didnt rescue the situation then
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    New to Astrology Weekly but not to astrology ♒️/♌️

    I'm an aquarian with pluto on the ascendant too. I guess it is opposite the seventh house cusp so it would have that effect. Mine is in the twelfth house, i tend to have spiritual revelations in my bedroom :) because of that.
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    Greetings everyone! I have double grand Trines in fire and air!

    Hi I'm Christian too, I tried evangelism but wasnt very good at it. Im basically the opposite of you, introverted and no musical ability. God hates astrology in the old testament,even said astrologers should die in his eternal law..... but seen as trying to follow the law brings a curse...
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    Loni Willison - from Hollywood Model to Homeless

    neptune square 12th house ruler moon