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    Surviving Pluto conjunct sun transit

    Pluto transits can be excruciating. I have been through many of them. The reason they are so difficult is that when Pluto is close by his message is very clear. Let go and say goodbye! Most of us find it difficult to be told that we have to let go of a behavior, a person, a job, or some...
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    Saturn Help Please

    Maybe you can offer affordable massages to expectant mothers. Being a mother you can relate to them, work from home and do what you have been trained to do. Just and idea! Good Luck
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    Will I get a job in next few weeks

    I agree with alumen. I did not see that either.
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    Saturn Help Please

    Hi Carrie! First off I understand what a difficult time you are having as I am a 23 degree Gemini Rising and have a Moon in Libra. I can sympathize with the stalled Saturn/Uranus opposition that is effecting you right now. I was born with a Sagittarius sun in the 6th house and have been...
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    Saturn in Virgo Ascendent

    Saturn is the Task Master of the Zodiac for sure and when he comes to your Ascendant he is reminding you to do the right thing as far as taking care of your physical body and it is reiterated by being placed in the sign of Virgo. It appears to me that your spirit is certainly getting the...
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    Pluto square Mars

    I like Mars in Capricorn. It is in it's exaltation because Mars is disposited through Saturn. A person with Mars in Capricorn would take restrained and harnessed action rather than impulsive action without a thought for consequences. Kind of like a wise elder in the position of a general or...
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    Saturn & Uranus

    I've heard that Mercury rules the left or rational mind and the Moon rules the imagination or right side of the brain but I am not familiar with Saturn and Uranus in terms of right and left. I'd be interested to hear more responses to your post. Thanks
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    sleep issues, relaxation issues, people issues, issues issues issues!

    I couldn't help but notice that you have Uranus your Sun which can make you rather impatient and restless in general and your Mars/Jupiter square can make you rather jumpy interfering with sleep. Perhaps exercise would help burn off some of this energy. I also noticed that Pluto is conjunct...
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    Just thinking about Uranus

    I've been through quite a number of Uranus transits. Uranus definitely upsets the applecart. The woman you mentioned may have taken a long 20 years to get over her experience but the transit made her husband split in a shocking and unexpected way which is Uranus' reputation. I've experienced...
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    Another look at the 12th house

    Yes Uranus and Neptune squaring the moon in the 12th would tend to make the moon extremely so. Strong Uranus and Neptune aspects tend to make people feel alien somehow. You are in good company though... astrologers have strong Uranus and Neptune aspects...that includes me :)
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    Will I get a job in next few weeks

    As I see it, you are the querent represented by the Moon in Cancer. The Moon is approaching a sextile to Jupiter ruler of the 10th house. In my opinion I'd stop right there and consider myself lucky that I got the job. :-) But if you want to follow it before it makes it's sextire to Jupiter...
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    Chart reading request:) (pluto transit natal moon)

    Dear Scorpio1: I have been through many Pluto transits and would be more than happy to share my experience with a matter of fact I am presently going through a Pluto square to my own Moon in Libra. Ugh! They never end :-) The one thing I can tell you is that when you start feeling...
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    Another look at the 12th house

    Well anyhow, one thing is for wouldn't set him up on a blind date with any of your friends!:)
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    Another look at the 12th house

    Wow! Unfortunately it does sounds like your friend is definitely behaving like a misunderstood soul which is another characteristic of lots of planets in the 12th house. You say that his 12th house is packed with Aries planets so it would make sense that he (mars) acts out strange...
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    8th house has my sun, moon, mercury

    Forgive me but I would rather not go into an astrology lesson here but I will try to answer one question about your eighth house. I use a German system that no one uses but essentially starting from the ascendant going around the zodiac in a clockwise direction each house contains seven years...
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    I’m not ugly so why can’t I attract someone?

    Your Leo Rising indicates that you are striving to show something about your self to the outside world. Your sun is the way in which you do it. Your sun in Libra says that you will want to show that you are sociable attractive and charming. However I think your sun in such a late degree of the...
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    Are the newly bought shoes safe for kids?

    Dear Elumen: You know as I mentioned earlier William Lilly gives 0-2 rising for determining a radical chart...Olivia Barclay the same, and Derek Appleby 0-3. Since I'm insecure, when I see 3 degrees + I just don't judge. That is just me. But back to your question, astrology aside. I may get...
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    Twin questions: Will I get my car back? Is my car still in his possesssion?

    Yes you are right. I have been using Derek Appleby's book for years and have basically followed his advice regarding judgment issues. He states that 0-3 degrees would not be radical. So when I see even a half a minute I still won't judge. That's just me and how I determine parameters...
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    Twin questions: Will I get my car back? Is my car still in his possesssion?

    Dear Freedom Lover: I think it's important to know that Horary is based on adhering to strictures or rules. These rules can be great time savers and can help us move on. I noticed with regard to your your first question you seemed to have overlooked the fact that the Ascendant was 3 degrees...
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    Are the newly bought shoes safe for kids?

    This chart is not radical. The rising sign is 28 Degrees. When the question has been asked and if the ascendant is 0-3 degrees rising it means it is to early to tell. When the question has been asked and the ascendant is between 27-30 degrees it is too late to tell. A great book is Horary...