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    Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

    That doesn't apply to us but to people who are ignorant about astrology: "your Solar Sign doesn't mean you are that way". You personality development depends on your childhood upbringing and how you deal with challenges in life. Also in astrological way it depends on planetary aspects and...
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    Career/finances and hidden skills on natal chart

    Good evening friends. I want to ask to any of you about what does my natal chart tells about my type of career, the health of my finances and hidden skills I may have. Whatever advice you can bring me I would be very grateful.:biggrin:
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    I am a 34 years old male from Lajas, Puerto Rico. I am an astrology follower since I was a teenager. I have a wide variety of interests like going to the gym, write about spiritual and social themes, going outdoors to hike or to the beach and watch movies and tv series about superheroes or...