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    Will he loose his job?

    He won't lose his job,but his pay check will be low for now
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    Will my business succeed?

    Yes, it looks positive that your business will succeed
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    New job?

    The ascendant is too early. I suggest to ask the question another time
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    Inquiry about volunteer board member of non-profit/ charity

    I'm not an expert, but give it a shot. The moon has a trine to Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter,and squaring the sun .
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    Modeling job offer

    You should take the modeling job offer. Mercury which is now in Leo means stability.
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    Will i have a new job till end of this year?

    You will find a job ,but it will be difficult, especially with those squares to Saturn,Pluto and Jupiter. Keep us updated please.
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    Am I going to lose my job? Urgent!!

    The ascendant is way too early. I dont think so.
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    will i be successful?

    Mercury in the 10th house means that you could be successful in the world of finances and commerce
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    Will i change job till the end of the summer 2020?

    You should start looking for another job something new will come up
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    What is the future of my career at this company?

    The situation will improve when venus moves from his downfall to his own sign in Taurus. I say be patient and dont leave. The situation will improve
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    Super Bowl 54

    The kc chiefs will win:rightful:
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    Super Bowl 54

    It will be the Kansas city chiefs that will win the super bowl
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    will he get a place at his old school?

    It would be a good idea
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    Career prospects - Is this the right time to apply for jobs?

    Today. Mercury is turning direct:wink::w00t::rightful:
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    Will work permanently increase my hours?

    It might. That's the only positive thing in the chart:biggrin:
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    Will work permanently increase my hours?

    Mars high be the opposition :innocent:
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    Will work permanently increase my hours?

    :joyful:Jupiter in the 10th house retrograde trining mars in Leo. Something might come up
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    Will work permanently increase my hours?

    Mars trine Jupiter looks favorable. But I dont know the meaning of it. It might be a yes:biggrin::wink:
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    Another Will I get the Job Horary

    Did you get the job:innocent: