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    intercepted signs

    Okay this is going to be long lol. As a child I was very different from most of family. I used to have really insightful dreams, deep connection with my intuition and just randomly felt comfortable with things out of the box. My family are all business minded individuals that believe in rigid...
  2. K

    How did you get into astrology?

    Thirteen. As an Aquarius moon child. I always wanted to know things. My moon is placed in the eighthhis... so everything that was taboo was an interest. Astrology really opened my eyes to a lot.
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    intercepted signs

    It’s been a long time but I never really found the answer to this configuration in my chart. I can say I have recovered from a life threatening illness this year and am able to walk again. My life has been filled with life and death experiences. My grandfather passed this year, and through the...
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    What makes you vulnerable?

    omg we have the same placements my birthday september 20,1991 1:12 am greenville sc
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    intercepted signs

    Hey everyone I'm Karl, new to the forums.... I wanted to ask could anyone give me some information about my intercepted signs and what exactly do they mean...since Scorpio is intercepted by Libra and also Pluto in Scorpio in the fifth house does that mean its hard to reach and express this...