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    Synastry between Descendant conjuct ascendant?

    My husband and I have that, and we have been together for almost 20 years. It seemed fated to me when we met. We dont have a together/apart relationship at all, in fact we are besties and spend all our time together.
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    Moon In Cancer

    Hi Damian, my husband has his moon in cancer in the 10th as well. A lot of what you said I've seen with him. I also am very receptive to people and their emotions which can be very overwhelming. In that regard I really have to limit myself around people, especially negative ones or people...
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    Accidentally angered Moon in Scorpio?

    Bunraku, sorry if I misunderstood. I agree that her behavior was way out of hand, it almost seems more virgo to me. But creepy, holy heck yeah! Game players suck, I keep my distance with them because I never know when they will strike again. Good luck dealing with that.:sideways:
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    Accidentally angered Moon in Scorpio?

    Bunraku, So did you do this knowing it would upset this person? If so I can see why they would be angry. If not then really they have a problem. I know most scorps can see through the bs and figure out quickly what's going on. Though they are so suspicious of everyone they can go overboard...
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    My Son: Pluto In 4th… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!

    It's always interestinb how planets play out differently in everyone's charts. My 12th house sun explains my relationship perfectly with my father. He turns 71 today and I still dont feel I know him at all. My image of him is very unclear, but it doesn't bother me anymore. The more I study...
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    Personal name Asteroids

    Wow that's pretty cool! I can spend days checking transits and other charts for these things.:smile: the nodes were a huge revelation to me.
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    Question for Libras

    My husband and I are the same sun sign and we get along great, though our moon signs are different.
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    Personal name Asteroids

    So his SA pluto is conjunct your name/juno/uranus? And you have nnode snode stuff going on too? That is interesting. Especially his name on your snode. I personally believe in karma and past lives and that we meet up with past life soulmates for a purpose. Have you ran a draconic chart with...
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    6 planets in Capricorn/don't like work/why?

    My husband has a virgo ascendant. One thing I've seen with him is that he does have a perfectionist personality but hates doing a lot of things because he will go crazy trying to perfect everything and destroy himself with self-criticism so he would rather not do anything at all than get...
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    Personal name Asteroids

    I think it's karma based. There is a lot of karma stuff going on between our charts. When I first saw the name/saturn it just made a lot of sense. Its interesting to do a transit or secondary progression chart and see where the names line up there as well. I've noticed a correlation with...
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    My Son: Pluto In 4th… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!

    Don't feel bad. For years I've strugled with my daughter's eighth house moon wondering what I did to cause that, and it was very upsetting based on an interpretation I read when she was a toddler. But now thst she is in her mid teens I can see what it represents for her and it isn't bad at...
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    Personal name Asteroids

    Sure, my asteroid conjuncts my husbands ic, while his conjuncts my mh. He has a big part in my previous job, I am obviously a big part in his 4th house. Then a different guy that I can't seem to shake has my asteroid conjunct his juno and his asteroid conjunct my saturn. Saturn is big in his...
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    Is my soulmate a sagittarius?

    Im thinking it could be either libra or aries. Libra because your n node is there and you have so much going on in gemini. Aries because of you moon and also saturn is close to your south node maybe a moon conj. your saturn s node though preferably libra because a sun n node is hard to beat...
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    What do you think of Leo & Scorpio moon?

    Leo moon, dramatic, likes attention and possessing a loud voice, nice hair too! Scorpio moon dark, intense, passionate, deep, sexy, prodding (mentally, lol) suspicious.
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    Personal name Asteroids

    I do the same thing and find the results very eye opening. Sometimes kind of freaky!
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    Why am i not emotional?

    Perhaps it is your moon in your 6th house. That is virgos house, which would give you a moon in virgo flavor. Virgo moons are more restrained emotionally.
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    Pisces Moon People

    My mars is in aquarius, so not really. Perhaps it is my moon, jupiter ascendant and anti-vertex all conjunct my aries point. I also have venus in aries, so it's hard to say what it is exactly.
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    Pisces Moon People

    Matrix1, lol. Sometimes, though I seem to be pretty aggressive for a triple pisces.
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    Pisces Moon People

    Triple pisces. :sick::crying:
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    update thread. for anyone 🙌 😁

    Today is a lazy day for moi. I am looking around my house and see so much to do, but really....I'm just not feeling it. Anyway, tomorrow is my dad's birthday and I'm dreading having to call him. So I am trying to think up topics to talk about so it wont seem so awkward. :sideways: