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    MC Aries,Sun in scorpio, moon in saggitarius,Ascendant is Leo.

    I am learning or trying to learn more about astrology so by all means do not solely base your decisions on what I see or say, in the end follow your heart it will tell you what to do if you listen. Pluto and Venus in the 4th with the south note with lots of energy to the 8th? Do move around or...
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    My Cat has gone missing should i be worried.

    What does MR Jingle's chart look like?
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    lone wolf syndrome

    Neptune Rising You have neptune in the 12 and Pluto at or near the MC. Have you ever met someone with these placements and were NOT a loner? I understand how a bad event in your life will change ones openess but dont know if it was your orginal nature. Were you a lone wolf before this bad event?
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    lone wolf syndrome

    I'm a loner for the most part. I have an active 12,11,10th with Saturn in the 4th. Scorpio a/c with Neptune and Uranus, Pluto in the 10. It would seem that a strong Saturn with Neptune in the 12 tends to make loners. I am not aware of any Scorpio a/c with Neptune that does not have some issues...
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    Happy Saturn in Scorpio!

    I would like to know more on how it effected you thought the 12th. My Scorpio is 17 and it is in the 12th and AC. Many differance I sure but just wandering.
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    Help understanding Scorpio Rising

    without a dout, I do enjoy your post.:smile:
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    help!! Saturn transit in scorpio

    Its difficult any Saturn transit. The teacher is what I call her and she will not have a grading curve. My Dad had a hard time with his Saturn crossing Scorpio things went very slow for him. I am sure your chart is different but Saturn always slows things down. Keep trudging were all routing for...
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    Help understanding Scorpio Rising

    ?? Well thats differnt..... I have never heard Pluto is unforgiving and the Ascendant is myself. I would like to know more about this could you explain please?
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    Help understanding Scorpio Rising

    I have Scorpio as an Assen with Nep. and sun in Leo ( I really must have done something wrong) but found that its not the meaning or intent of my actions but the intensity. . I tend to be very strong and matter of fact, no good for friendship. Others have said Scorpio will have a strong...
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    Where do really bad thoughts come from?

    I am always doing something, but can clear my mind and let my body run on auto, just not on the table saw, the ideas and peace just come. you learned how to read? Can you read and run full out? you can if the sign is big therefore you can do something and be clear of mind. It will take time...
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    Where do really bad thoughts come from?

    Neptune Rising....I agree having both neg and pos thoughts will disappear with silence and a peaceful calm will replace it. At least it seams to be my case. To Retinoid, Neg energy exist and is very powerful, don't play with it. Try to find inner peace by any means you can. To answer your...
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    4th house

    I have been out of this for a long while but using different methods to interpret a chart is new to me, is there one that better suits another. The 4th house is a major player in my chart and I also have the moon on the cusp. too many other differences but yes early childhood was violent at times.
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    I feel like Im going in circles

    All I know is twenty years later I seem stuck in the same dilemmas and patterns. Any ideas on which way is up? I know my chart is a basket but does that mean the handle ( 4th, home) is my stronghold? oh and I am thinking of finding a new employer is this a good time?
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    An Artist in the Making

    I also have Sun square Neptune, and I do find that my approach to most problems are very different than most. so, recognition is not really forth coming, very frustrating.
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    How To Read Your Past and Future Lives - By Manly P. Hall

    ok, what if the Acc and the Sun are opposits like scorpio and leo. also what effect does the 4th house have on present life?
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    1993 conjunction of Uranus and Neptune

    Some of us see both
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    Career Confusion- neptune-uranus conjunction

    so, what do you do?? just want to know how much differnt you are compaired to the chart. :unsure:
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    Need love

    No sure astrology will help here, try talking to her. remember charts shows areas for energy neg can be changed to good energy with work and the opp. can be true. Love has its own life, I love one and she loves me back but our choices have lead us to differnt paths. Talking to her might be the...
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    Hi everyone! I'm Braiden and i have a few questions.

    I would not trust google but what does NOAA say on the positions of the planets. Also you could check NASA. Did you take into account serial star time? Its been a long time sence I have cal. a star or planet but there is about 30 min of cal to find an exact time and place for each planet...
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    Channeled Material

    ok its working