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    Hi Stellium :) You kindly ask about my opinion or comments about your chart... Well, some experienced people or animal (s ) ( FROG ):innocent:have already talked about you with wisdom and/or knowledge.... :devil: Since am french, i upload a French mode chart, with ANCHORED Aries at left...
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    Serial cheater

    Hello Lxward :biggrin: Well, i am practicing Astrology since many many years, that doesn't mean i am PERFECT.... But what i see in the Rob's chart is a guy who, as said by Kitchy :smile:, is a Living MAGNET to the Women / Girls.... And he is that since previous Lifetimes ( if you believe in...
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    I'm really an Alien ~ Justine

    Hi Justine.... Well, i guess STRONGLY we are quite a number here to feel as being E.T..... So, no problem... :smile: