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    For your eyes only

    Hi, i'm no expert astologist but i'm just saying hi, welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum, what a beautiful name btw :) and i pull out that same astrology question "When's your birthday". I ask people i just meet because i know like everyone in my years birthda lol, all because of that question...
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    Hello there

    Welcome, i love that you the colours you used for your words lol.
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    Hello :)

    Welcome and nice to meet you too :)
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    Hello - I'm new

    Hey, Welcome. I hope you enjoy the forum.
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    Lol i do French too and i do just love languages. I like Spanish better than French because i can speak it better. I really hope to learn Latin in the future, there's something about it that lure me in lol. I love helping people too like in school i help people to complete their work and...
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    lost lil canceranian longing to be found :(

    Welcome Patience, don't worry i don't know myself at all lol but i'm quite young. I feel lonely all the time but hey i'm on a journey myself and what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Chat room: Now!

    Why come in here quickly???
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    Greetings and Salutations

    Hey! Welcome to the forum! I absolutely love Australians as well :)
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    Hi man and welcome! I'm new too and i'm not even and ameteur in astrology man.
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    Virgo, Oh noes! :)

    Hi! Welcome, i'm new here too! I hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Any LOST fans here?

    I stopped watching it when Ana died, and then i tried to watch it again and then Charlie died. I'm watching the last season now though to see if any of my fave characters make a reappearance.
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    Cancer and foreign travel

    I have a sadge sun and a cancer moon as well. I haven't travelled much really but i find travelling awesome and i absolutely love foreign countries, foreign people and foreign languages.
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    How did you get into astrology?

    I don't know how i got into astrology, i think it was because of my favourite actress. I remember her birthday and then other celebrities birthdays and then i learned of their star signs and then of my sign and then i think it grew from there. A boring story but i can't remember the specifics as...
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    Another Sagittarius :)

    Hey peoples, i'm not really good with intros but i'll tell you i joined this forum to learn more about astrology while meeting new people who share the same love of learning, talking about and hearing about astrology :) If you wanna know what's in my natal chart then here: Sun, Mars, Asc...