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    Would this be a good place for me to move to? And what kinds of things should I expect to happen based on this chart? By the way, what does Jupiter conjunct the relocated ASC mean?
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    Relocation from Oregon to Louisiana

    What sorts of things could I experience with a relocated chart with Jupiter conjunct the ASC in Aries and trining Saturn, Uranus, and Mars, with Venus in the 12th, and Moon conjunct Pluto in the 7th in Scorpio? Sorry to list it all out like that, but my charts won't load up, so I have to...
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    Saturn/Uranus square Venus

    Among these two natal aspects, Venus square Saturn and Venus square Uranus, could indicate someone being oblivious to flirtations from other people, or being oblivious to someone showing affection to you? I've recently found out that my frustrations with someone I was seeing, that they weren't...
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    Eclipse today at 18'11 Gemini

    I know I am late in responding. darn. This Lunar Eclipse in Gemini fell in my 4th house, opposing my Midheaven and conjuncting my Chiron, trining my Sun in Aquarius, and opposing my Mars in Sagittarius. The Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius at 3 degress fell in my 9th house, squaring my ASC...
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    What are your experiences with Saturn transiting the 8th house? And would you agree?

    So, Saturn has been transiting my 8th house for about a month or less now. I figured something big would happen when it started, but I didn't know what. The recent lunar eclipse in Gemini at 18 degrees was what initiated the shift. I didn't know that it was an eclipse when I finally wrote a...