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  1. 12th House Empty

    This struck a chord in me. I have my moon in libra in the 12th house and I had a very emotionally abusive and neglectful mother - My father was also absent for a long time and the one who filled his role was very abusive too. I am in therapy right now and feeling, receiving, and giving love -...
  2. Why does he give me a really bad vibe?

    Thank you for the information. I will further expand my knowledge on those aspects! I have a feeling hes going to be a hard puppy to shake.
  3. Why does he give me a really bad vibe?

    That's interesting. I'll see if I can find more information on it. Anything else that might be important to be aware of?
  4. Why does he give me a really bad vibe?

    Okay so I've attached a synastry chart - I don't know if I used the correct one, sorry. I also attached my chart as well as his chart. His chart has a green line where the name should be and the synastry chart has a blue line where as mine is blank. Also I'm the scorpio rising. Okay so...
  5. One Planet in Two Houses.

    Thanks for the insight you guys. I'll check out the different house systems a bit more and research the term blend when applied to astrology. Thank you! :o
  6. One Planet in Two Houses.

    I've been trying to find more information on this and I seem to be having trouble. I have a bucket chart with Jupiter as my handle/singleton planet (A concept I'm still trying to understand). On Astro - It says my Jupiter is on the cusp of the 8th and 9th house in Gemini (8th) and Cancer (9th)...
  7. Relationship Interpretation please? :)

    Hmm yeah. I'm not really sure what to do about my moon in 12th...I feel it is a bad thing :( But I'm not exactly sure what it means to me or how it effects me. It just doesn't sound like a friendly place to have your moon at. :( I had a horrible childhood - Lots of emotional abuse, neglect, and...
  8. Relationship Interpretation please? :)

    Is having the same moon in two different houses make us less intuitive to each other? I really like him but I feel like he doesn't feel the same emotionally about me but he's attracted to me. Is there something that's causing tension between us that I can fix?
  9. Relationship Interpretation please? :)

    I uploaded two more charts, I hope one of them is right. Well my suns in sag and my moons in libra, lol and I feel like my chart is heavy in Capricorn too. I wonder what it is that keeps him from wanting something real. I just don't want to waste my time. :(
  10. Relationship Interpretation please? :)

    No my moon is in the 12th house. I was the born in November. He's Pisces.
  11. Relationship Interpretation please? :)

    My chart is labeled Sagittarius. My friend (we'll call 'S'.) is labeled Pisces. Hope I attached everything correctly. I appreciate any useful and interesting information. Thank you for your time and patience. Okay, so I met S in November of 2009 and we have been friends for a while. I don't...