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  1. keywine89

    Ex lovers attacking me?? Hacking my accounts/spreading rumors

    Okay, Normally when someone says "ex lovers" most would assume ex boyfriends. As for your problems with these "exes", your 11th and 7th houses are linking to the 2nd house. Maybe you have a "frenemy" stirring this pot. Either a female/male friend wants something back that you have and is...
  2. keywine89

    SR 2018 - SR ASC and SR 12house in natal 8th house

    The only scary thing about your SR chart is jupiter in the 1st house. Most of the time it means weight gain. Uranus (sudden/unexpected) in the 6th house (health) making an aspect to scorpio (changes) 1st house (appearance) doesn't help either. Uranus is also your ascendant, also supports the...
  3. keywine89

    My solar return chart. Can you help me?

    I don't know about the MC aspect. Uranus 10th house opposite mars 4th house looks like you might find work. But you will have to move. I'm guessing this will be unexpected or very abrupt. As for your health, sun is not making any aspects. But it is in Sagittarius and in the 6th house. I...
  4. keywine89

    Ex lovers attacking me?? Hacking my accounts/spreading rumors

    Okay, so I looked at your 2016 SR chart. You have jupiter libra 7th house (exes/other people) squaring venus (exes/other people) and pluto (obsession/other's money/war/endings) capricorn (public) in the 11th house (friends/associates). The reason behind the negativity seems to be a 2nd house...
  5. keywine89

    Ex lovers attacking me?? Hacking my accounts/spreading rumors

    You should do a solar return chart for this year. It would help explain more.
  6. keywine89

    Best compatibility for Libra sun with scorpio rising

    Someone with a sagittarius venus conjunct yours would be best. Libras, scorpios, sagittarius, capricorn or aquarius can have this venus.
  7. keywine89

    My solar return chart. Can you help me?

    I don't see anything to worry about. You have mars in the 4th house which indicates a move. Venus in the 5th house and saturn/pluto in the 7th house? If you are single, you will get engaged/married. If you are married but divorcing, you will get engaged married again. Also, uranus in the...
  8. keywine89

    Unlucky in Love

    I don't think the problem is sun and saturn in the 7th house. I think the moon 5th house opposition to neptune in the 11th house is. Also, you have mars conjunct pluto in the 8th house. You might come off extremely intimidating to women. Especially since it is in the sign of libra. Do you...
  9. keywine89

    Daughter SR - Saturn conjunct moon

    Can I see your SR chart??? SR moon in the 12th house can indicate a death in the family. Not the 11th house. If anything, SR saturn and pluto indicate the death/ending of friendships. Also, Mars conjunct uranus in the 1st house rules weight loss. Either than that, I don't see anything to...
  10. keywine89

    Will I move this year?

    Your SR moon in the 4th sextiling pluto in the 2nd house doesn't sound so permenant. Maybe this is a temporary move but i'm not getting permanency. I could be wrong though. On the bright side, venus in the 5th house could mean a proposal if it didn't already happened.
  11. keywine89

    Why im not losing weight

    Sorry to hear that. I natally have sagittarius on the cusp of my 6th house so I've been pretty hefty for most of my life. I also have diabetic problems but I keep it under control by taking caffeine pills. Prolab or Applied Nutriceuticals work the best. It helps rid retaining water in the...
  12. keywine89

    He has so many planets in my 5th house

    Maybe you should. I can't remember 1 time me or someone I knew who had a good experience with someone who's neptune fell in the 5th house. Even if things seem great, these people always have someone else.
  13. keywine89

    SR in 1 mo. - new relationship and a move??

    Uranus 9th house trine ascendant could be promising. Might bring sudden recognition. As for the 3rd house stellium, I think you might travel more frequently. As for your new career, good luck! If you're looking for a big following, you may want to look for jupiter/sagittarius in the 11th...
  14. keywine89

    He has so many planets in my 5th house

    Neptune in the 5th house???? Stay away!!! He will eventually cheat. Neptune in the 5th house rules secret flings/romances!
  15. keywine89

    Should I pursue him or should I let it go?

    Re: Would this relationship be too volatile to pursue? Or should I let it go? So his venus, mercury and sun are in your 7th house? At first it seems like the best placement possible. Venus in the 7th house is a strong indication he sees you as a possible marriage partner. BUT, his planets...
  16. keywine89

    Whats your venus dress style ?

    I'm pretty sure my dress style has to do with how I present myself (ascendant/1st house). For me that would be Leo and I can be pretty flashy and very gaudy/tacky.
  17. keywine89

    Why im not losing weight

    Jupiter or sagittarius in the 1st house is a very bad placement. Jupiter = extra pounds and the 1st house is your outer appearance. Any additional weight gain throughout the years would be because of your Solar return ascendant in sagittarius or jupiter. This goes for anyone. Also at a...
  18. keywine89

    Should I concern about Neptune position and aspects in my Solar Return?

    SR neptune is in the 10th house? I'd be worried about the possibility of being jailed. You don't owe any money to the government right? Any unpaid tickets? This might be the reason. Fyi, you have saturn in the 7th house so you might marry.
  19. keywine89

    Will I move this year?

    I don't see a move at all. Pisces moon/neptune in the 4th could mean underlying problems within the home. The home may need repairs or possible fumigation. FYI, mars/jupiter/pluto in the SR 4th indicates a move.
  20. keywine89

    Please help - Stellium in 12th/1st House in 2017 SR Chart

    SR virgo mars and mercury are making a square to pisces neptune in the 6th house.... That's alarming. I wouldn't worry much if you don't have pisces/neptune in the 6th house or mercury/virgo in the 12th house natally. If so, i'd be extremely worried. If not, then you might have a slight...