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    Transits of Lilith? Any significance?

    I actually found this description for Sagittarius pretty accurate: Sagittarius: There is a chance that Lilith made you project intense emotional charges onto your partners. Relationships could have brought in the past 4 months profound healing, but also awakening of psychological wounds. The...
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    my daughter's moon is conj. uranus

    Congratulations on your daughter. Observing a baby transform into a toddler myself I can just tell you to provide her with as much safety as possible. With Uranus/Moon she will so enrich your life with originality and quirkiness. Since this conjunction is a part of a Mercury Pluto T-square, she...
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    How will Neptune's direct motion affect you?

    Neptune was retrograde from June 4 until November 11 2012. Neptune retrograde let you become aware of illusions and possible misguided directions in your life. Ideally you can become aware of possible misleads, confront them, and prevent living life in a deception. Astrologer Delphine Jay...
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    How will the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio affect you?

    This Solar Eclipse on Tuesday brings the potential of extremes and it’s up to you where you will take it. It may be a good time for drastic moves. Don’t postpone it anymore. Face it. If you don’t get the love and respect that you believe you’re giving and deserving, just move on. It’d great...
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    Can anyone tell me when will i get pregnant? Will it be this year

    Can you share the place of birth too, please, town or city's name?
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    Equinox and Aries New Moon: Resetting the Balance

    I think on the personal level this New Moon could be an enlightening moment in time. Uranus may be able to infuse (the humanity) with messages (Mercury) on how to overcome polarity and integrate both sides of our dual reality into something more exciting and harmonious. I would like to see the...
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    interested in your insights

    Honestly, you need to tone down both your criticism and self-criticism and start considering that with Libra on the MC you can always reach a state of pure appreciation of other people’s abilities and join forces with such people. With that tight Chiron Jupiter in the 7th, you need to give the...
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    Can Someone Read My Natal Chart?

    First thing I noticed that your ruler Sun is squared by Pluto. I have the same aspect and occasionally you lose control and feel the chaos around you so that you can find and redefine the direction your life is going. Now with Sun in the 9th and Pluto in 12th, this is a combination that can find...
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    Hello :) could you guys read my chart for me please? I like to know as much as I can

    Your Pluto conjunction Jupiter is pretty popular with the billioners like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. So this gives you a very storm focus, and since it is in the 11th house, it does involve some visionary work which will work out in the collective. It opposes your moon, indicating...
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    My chart, and my concerns about it.

    One always needs to resolve one thing in order to move to the next. You are approaching transition, but not yet. This is how Jeremy Neal comment on you main aspect. "Sun conjunct Pluto people are typically difficult to reconcile within relationships, their ideals are so insidious that it...
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    How to **** Off Any Sign

    Aries – Place someone above them. Be first to get what they want. Turn everything into a contest and win. Call them a coward. Make them wait. Taurus – Hide or damage their valuables. Use their stuff without first asking permission. Take their money. Starve them. Give them food that looks...
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    I feel bad about having mercury square pluto

    Consider the fact that you have a lack of air in your chart which may affect you in following possible ways: Lack of adaptability to new things (ideas, people, situations, etc) Lack of creative thinking and mental activity in daily tasks Inability to communicate effectively and/or clearly Lack...
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    Is my Saturn well aspected?

    Your Saturn is opposed by Jupiter. This aspect is called Prometheus. You struggle to bring light to the humans. Saturn in the 6th may mean that you are working extra hard but also that you feel somhow isolated in your workplace, or that you feel like a (not a very significant) part of a big...
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    Miley Cyrus

    I found a little rectification on Miley. It makes sense that she is Aries ascendant.
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    my chart

    "gemini rules 7th house and mercury is posited in 9th house suggesting meeting someone whilst studying, traveling, a foreigner even" since your Mercury is conjunct Venus, he could be easily an artist, a writer, someone who will complement you love of words and wordiness...
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    Worst chart ever? Nothing but squares and oppositions!!

    I think Obama has a worse chart than yours. You have some very good placements. Let your moon on mc breathe more, that can make you popular, even though it's almost unaspected indicating possibly profound need for warmth. About Mars Sun conjunction: "You have a greater sense of power in...
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    Natal Chart

    Yes. with Venus and Jupiter in the eight house and the moon in Scorpio you have psychic abilities and you could pursue some form of healing professionally. Uranus and Neptune in first make you sense energies around yourself. You can actually connect it to you healing abilities (trine to Jupiter...
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    Would really appriciate some assistance.

    This Pluto on Asc. gives you a charisma, but the opposing Mercury brings all kinds of strange stories and misinterpretations. I would only focus on one thing at the time to get things done and let your magnetism work for you. This may be meaninful for you: "The contradiction is that while you...
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    Problem with conecting to people

    Are you sure that it's not just a temporary state of your soul to feel disconnected? Your Saturn was first squaring your Asc and Desc, and now it's still opposing your powerful Venus Mars conjunction. You are probably used to initiate activities naturally and now the Saturn is somewhat...
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    Natal Chart

    I wonder how you experience Chiron Sun conjunction? I heard so many different stories about it. With the opposing Saturn, it should bring more challanges but also greater insights. Anything like this: " Your perceptions of reality and your role in it are unconventional, which may cause you to...