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    Moon İn 8th house

    My moon is in libra in my 8th house, intercepted, and opposing my mars in aries. I would definitely consider myself to be extremely secretive. This isnt obvious to anyone, maybe that im closed off, but really most arent aware of what I choose not to show. I feel like most dont know my authentic...
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    Do first house planets affect every area of life? Personal experiences, please!

    I have 5 planets in my first house so answering this question is very difficult. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune With Neptune and Venus conjunct my ascendent and the south node. I feel the presence of all of these forces in my life and who I am. I would say each planet brings another...
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    Impressions on my chart... help

    Hi Cary2! Thank you again for the insight! I find this to be extremely accurate as well. Im currently a junior at university, so the next 3 years of my life I would anticipate to be challenging, of saturn themes. I resonate deeply with neptune, and Ive always found it difficult to ground myself...
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    Impressions on my chart... help

    Hi Cary2, thankyou so much for this interpretation, you couldve probably predicted my late response to this post from my chart! lol! Anyways, everything you have said was SPOT on, I feel as if I have been psychoanalyzed here. Its interesting because when I learn about astrology, specifically...
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    Impressions on my chart... help

    Also I love Mariah Carey! Thanks for sharing the video (:
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    Impressions on my chart... help

    Ah thank you so much Rosegarden! (: I really do love the air/water combination!
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    Help me interpret this synastry chart

    Hi! Posting on here to see if anyone could provide me insight into mine and my boyfriends synastry chart! Ive never met someone I am so compatible with and theres something about it. Anyways, some notable aspects I could use interpretation on: His Sun, neptune, and south node conjunct my venus...
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    Impressions on my chart... help

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could provide me any insight on my chart? I had a really hard life and just recently started looking into transits. I was born with Neptune on my ascendent and for the past 20 years I have felt its power over my identity. Interestingly, for whatever reason, I waited...
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    Saturn transit

    Hey everyone! Im still new to astrology, so bare with me. Im wondering if anyone could provide me some insight on an upcoming Saturn transit in my chart. Ill attach my chart, but in short: I have Venus, Neptune, and the south node conjunct my ascendent in Aquarius and Saturn is making its way...
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    Astrology and Physical Beauty

    I have been trying to figure out this for myself for a while. I have Venus and Neptune within a degree of my ascendent In Aquarius , trine my moon. I was kind of the odd one out in my family in appearance, a lot of my physical characteristics aren’t present in either of my parents, but passed...
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    The nodes and Synastry.. please help!

    Hello! Recently I’ve been learning more about the nodes and their impact specifically in....
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    5 planet stellium in my first house, please help me read and understand my chart!

    Hi Zora, thank you for the meaningful replies! When you refer to “fate-like meeting people” what do you mean? That throughout my life I will meet specific people due to fate? Is this a rare occurrence in a birth chart? I’ve been trying to do as much research as I can lately on the significance...
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    5 planet stellium in my first house, please help me read and understand my chart! Hey everyone! I was wondering if someone could please help me interpret my birth chart? I have 5 planets in my first house, what’s this significance? And how does it impact me? Also, what is the significance of having Neptune and Venus within a degree of my ascendant? Is...