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    Ian Curtis rising? Remember Joy Division?

    Might be going against the grain here but I think he could be Virgo rising. His whole dark mystique thing wasn't very accurate to reality. Apparently he was just a family man (Cancer, hello) that had his troubles. He was way more of an ''every man'' than you'd imagine. The problem is he had the...
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    Guessing my fathers ascendant sign

    It's unknown and I'd like to have some of your guesses as to what you think I'll explain in depth things about him. Okay well, He's tall, somewhat thin, has curly hair, green eyes and a long ish neck. His mannerisms are outgoing most of the time, but he's very private about personal things...
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    Tupac Shakur

    For the record I think his rising sign might be Leo, or maybe his Midheaven is in Leo.
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    Tupac Shakur

    Hey, I was on the hunt for his birth time for some time before, and I hope you reply to this, because there's a museum or was rather, that had his birth certificate on display, but I couldn't get there to check it out, couldn't find any picture of it or anything. I wish I could, and do some...
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    Venus Square Pluto and Musicians

    Hi, I've thought a lot about this Venus Square Pluto aspect, which I have and thought of the musicians I respect and like, and I found that a lot of them had this aspect and wrote some pretty sensational (and bitter) 'love' songs. Check it out; the list and examples: Maynard James Keenan (Tool...
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    Should I stop pursuing a love interest?

    **** im really sorry kid, ive been there too right where you are i wish i could help only real thing is go with your heart and gut
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    Should I stop pursuing a love interest?

    it's simple, if you love it never let it go. what ive learned over the years, and I've wasted a lot of time trying to move on, it isnt possible, you have to keep pursuing if theres even a little hope. You will regret it, if you dont, you are an emotion person right? If you are you wont be able...
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    What makes you vulnerable?

    Me, myself and I. Hopeless romantic, pursuing girls i like. Leo Venus, Square Scorpio pluto, Pluto in fifth, Venus in Second. Moon in Eighth house, Aquarius Mars in Fourth house Libra Sun Virgo, In house 3 Mercury in house 3, Virgo Ascendant Cancer Health worries, make me scared. my...
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    Anyone care to guess this person's Ascendant?

    He's a Cancer rising.
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    Rectification Tips - Verifying Ascendant/Descendant/MC/IC angles

    How could one find a birth time for a celebrity that is currently unknown? I'm curious because of this site has tons of celebs and some have birth times and some don't. How do they find the time, you think?
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    Compatibility and Birth Time

    Yeah, in astrology and especially relational astrology everything needs to be taken into consideration. Things can balance out, and let's not forget that even though something may be hard, it could be good for you because you learn from it. In my opinion, and i'm not speaking for you but, an...
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    So why are Capricorns hated so much?

    Depends on the Capricorn, obviously. I'm also an Aquarius moon, Virgo sun, if you seen the person up there said Virgos and Pisces take the biggest hit, I haven't personally seen it but I honestly don't care what people think about a general thing. It is fun however, to generalize a wee lil bit...
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    Eminem rising?

    According to this site it's Sagittarius rising.
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    Astrological planets at the end of house 3 interpreted in house 4?

    EDIT: Nvm. I'm still confused on which house it is in, I wish someone'd do my chart or have a look at it. Give me your opinion.
  15. ThisIsMe

    Astrological planets at the end of house 3 interpreted in house 4?

    Which is it, I'm confused. And I'm a bit annoyed with having to interpret both the 3rd house Sun and 4th house Sun. My birth time is 1:27 AM September 21st 1991, In Gallipolis OH. If I enter my details at Their system says that planets on the cusp of the next house within a few...
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    Moon square Pluto in natal chart

    I'm interested in some information on this as well, as i have moon in Aqua (in 8th) Square pluto in scorpio in the fifth. Anyone? I could give you some information but it's nothing more than you'll find online. I guess it depends on what you want to know exactly
  17. ThisIsMe

    I'm very fearful and scared of others intentions

    I've been in a depression for months, I know it might not relate to astrology but I don't know where else to go. Will someone take a look at my chart and try and come up with a reason to why this is happening?
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    8th house = testing oneself?

    I have moon in the 8th house. I can't seem to get the courage to test myself.
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    5th house and creativity

    I have Pluto in the 5th house, But is Pluto even considered important anymore? I mean I heard it wasn't a planet now or whatever. Anyways, 5th house rules creativity right? So how does a Scorpio 5th house create?
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    Friendly moon signs

    Would what house the moon is in matter as well?