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    question about marriage

    I know i should attempt it myself but i know precious little about predictive astrology. Could anybody tell me the kind of person i am to marry eventually from the attached chart? Particularly focus on ethnicity. See my best friend and I have this bond which i've never felt before. Even though...
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    Rising signs/eyebrows & eye shapes?

    not oval-ish, almond-ish *
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    Rising signs/eyebrows & eye shapes?

    my eyes are dark blue at the rim and light blue in the middle, oval-ish i think, lashes quite long but annoyingly light in colour. eyebrows slim line and weirdly lighter than my hair colour. I have sagittarius ascendant, virgo moon and pisces sun. I think I look much more piscean/virgoan than...
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    this inner debate is driving me mad

    forgot to post the synastry chart lol here it is
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    this inner debate is driving me mad

    a boy asked me out a while ago, and i said yes while drunk and then talked my way out of it the next day because i'm a very nervous person and hate taking risks, and because although i loved his mysterious personality i wasn't sure if i would want to get physical with him. For months its been...
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    could someone please interpret this chart as i'm shamefully green :o

    thanks peace and love brothers ;) he's my boyfriend so dont be shy with the juicy details mwaha;rs=3&nhor=1&cid=mgtfileBJBzCQ-u1307303759
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    Stories Of Sorrow & Other Ensnared Thoughts

    Dear me how can you doubt your poetic GENIUS you deluded little lemon xxx
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    Which mercury sign is the best

    Ah no i didn't its fine :joyful:
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    Which mercury sign is the best

    I messed that quote thing up lol oops
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    Which mercury sign is the best

    How would you know? If you don't have the aquarius mercury you are speaking of then how would you know how someone with that mercury feels? It sounds presumptuous. [Mod edit - to fix the quote]
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    The toughest/weakest star sign?

    Pisces tend to have a lot of self doubt so critical comments made in arguments can eat away at them and make them believe that whatever was said is true. I think that people who have a lot of scorpio and leo in them tend to be quite intimidating opponents because of the leo pride and the...
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    I wish I was a..

    Sagittarius. Cos I have heard that they are happy and independent and are always themselves yet they are usually intelligent and inquisitive and wise. Sounds too good to be true. I'm Pisces and wouldn't say i was the carefree type :p
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    Playlist of the Week(music)

    hmmm my current favourites- Saliva- rest in pieces Ryan Adams- Wonderwall Josh Canova- Most of the time Bullet for my valentine- Tears don't fall Rufus Weinright- Bewitched, bothered and bewildered David Gray- This years love 30 seconds to mars- The kill Badly drawn boy- Silent sigh The Fray-...
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    Why you would never want to date a ..............

    pretty accurate :tongue: ha
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    The Zodiacs Plan a Party!

    hahaha the pisces one is so true, my friends tell me to lighten up, get a life, stop being a recluse and listen to happier music :lol:
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    Leo boys & girls

    just guessing but it could be because you like to be the dominant chattier person in a friendship and have a friend who leaves the limelight to you and is more of a listener than a conversationalist? Leo men and women both tend to be really good chatters but want to lead the convo.
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    Zodiac high school stereotypes

    hehehe that is quite true, i'm pisces sun and i am the quiet wierd geeky daydreaming well spoken non swearing 'innocent' kid LOL
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    Hi Dan:joyful: i'm not a pot of astrological wisdom like some people on here, but will always chat anytime x
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    Sun, moon and ascendant of the person you love/fancy/admire

    Also what are your signs too?
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    Sun, moon and ascendant of the person you love/fancy/admire

    What is the sun, moon and rising sign of the person you are in a relationship with or have a crush on or just someone you think is really lovely/admirable:joyful: