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    Help me Understand: A sea of potential love relationships and not one works out!

    So! I moved to another country wanting to focus on education and work but romantic relationships are not giving a break to my brain, and I don't know how to scape it. In a 2 months period I had intense connection with people that begin engaging with me romanticly (out of nowhere) and then...
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    Critical Points and how to improve myself?

    Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback! It's a lot and I am confused. I seek to understand what is happening between my 10th and 4th house, and 2nd and 11th, it seems does are the most conflicting parts. I seek any information that can give me and insight on what are some hard aspects that...
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    Critical Points and how to improve myself?

    Hey guys, first time here. I have spent some time trying to study my chart on my own, and although I've had some great insights, I still struggle a lot. Some points: I feel like I don't know where to focus in my life and struggle a lot with a steady flow of energy in any pursuit that I choose...