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    Vaccination and health

    I like the two latest articles of Kathryn very much on
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    This is my Dutch personal page for friends:
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    The true meaning of sexuality

    Beneath is a link to the originally Romanian astrologer Heidrun Labots.She is an astrologer and geomant,and I met her on two occasions. She has written a book called:The Sacred Dance of Light in Sexuality.You can download the first chapter of her book for free following this link...
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    You definitely would be a Gryffindor,not like the young mister Malfoy a Slytherin,Draco,despite the same first name you share!For me,yes,Rivendel would be fine right now!(Sorry,must be my Neptune trining my Mercury,loving these phantasyworlds!) Betelgeuse,thanks for the answer to my question!A...
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    Draco Benfoy,do you already know how planet-years can be calculated? (or anyone else,this is the well-known boostup of my forgotten thread)
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    Hi Draco, This is the chart of the Netherlands: Can you find out if it has something to do with the solar return?I already made charts of 21 March noon in Utrecht(a city right in the heart of the Netherlands),but...
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    Radio-activity and the mutable cross I just wanted to share you this interesting article out of an old esoterical magazine of1987: In the American magazine Planet Earth the astrologer Mark Lerner wrote in connection with the radio-activity of Tsjernobyl about an interesting discovery.Since...
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    I am reading some old esoterical magazines and I came across this article: On 21 of March(1984) begins a Mercury-yearBefore that we had a Venus-year.We have noticed that:the wonderful weather during summer and autumn recovered everytime after each little disturbance,how we have enjoyed the...
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    I am a vegetarian for 18 years now,and it is good to meet some people here who are vegs also,Sweet Stars,Cossie and Lillybelle!I don't have any friends alas who are vegs also. "I do love animals, but the idea of foresaking meat completely seems silly to my oddly Virgoan mind as protein is...
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    horoscope 21-12- 2012

    The horoscope of 21 december 2012 Does the world really end if the Mayan-calendar expires? If I look at the horoscope of that feared day, 21 December 2012,I don’t get merry. If planets are in each other's sign, then they reinforce each other. An example. Saturn belongs to Capricorn and Pluto...
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    numerology and 9/11?

    Thanks for the link that clarifies it all Libra!:)
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    numerology and 9/11?

    I know it is an oldie and I know it is all farfetched,someone probably with a lot of time on his hands,but nevertheless,the last item still is spooky! 1) New York City has 11 letters 2) Afghanistan has 11 letters 3) Ramsin Yuseb (the terrorist who had threatened to destroy the Twin Towers in...
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    Stellium in Scorpio

    Thanks Karen,for taking the time to look at my chart and the explanation.I will re-think your explanation,and yes,for in a long time I indeed feel to go within again.
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    Pluto in Capricorn

    PLUTO IN CAPRICORN 2008-2024 Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S © published in The International Astrologer in January 2006 Pluto was first discovered when it was in the sign of Cancer, where it started its journey in 1913, just before World War I (WWI). After WWI the power factions in for...
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    Stellium in Scorpio

    "My dear, I agree that astrology is a complex but most rewarding science." "There is a lot of misinformation abounding also."(quote of Claire) I know Claire,it is rewarding.Astrology is something that I never can let go,seeing things in astrology that amazed me(like the degrees of Ebertin and...
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    Stellium in Scorpio

    very difficult,astrology,especially reading your own chart.Wish I was born with more brains!
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    Stellium in Scorpio

    Thanks all for your replies,but I find it difficult to see what it can mean for me ,this stellium being in my second house,there are no planets there natally,and Neptune is rather far away at 28 degrees of Scorpio. Thanks in advance,Johan edit:i added my natal chart
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    Stellium in Scorpio

    Now there are a lot of planets in Scorpio. What are your thoughts? And what to expect of my personal situation with natally Neptune in Scorpio in the third house and the stellium now in my second house?
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    Let's help Yelena !

    Well,an impulsive reaction here from me and knock me down if I am being silly,call it a brainstorm. But first,I be more than happy to contribute 50 euro's to help Yelena.But Radu,please give very simple clues how to pay this,because I am not familiar with international payment...
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    Tr.Sun conjunct Pluto

    The transit Sun is conjunct my Pluto in Virgo in the 12th house.What do you think of this?