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    Did Jesus really rise from death?

    I am a christian therefore my opinions will be bias. I believe Jesus really rose from the dead. I believe because I had seen Him in a vision and personally experience many miracles. One of them is this: One day, while at a birthday party of a friend, I thought I heard an inner voice from Jesus...
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    Do you believe in God?

    I believe in God. I believe Jesus is God. I love Jesus.
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    Hello from Singapore

    Glad to find a fellow Singaporean!
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    How to set up birthchart with solar fire gold?

    How to set up birthchart, using solar fire gold v9?
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    Tarot exchanges? These are the two tarot forums I am visiting now.
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    How did you get into astrology?

    I am into tarot, and read books about tarot. Some of the books talk a bit about astrology. That stirs up my interest.
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    Is Astrology a Religion?

    I don't think astrology is a religion. I think it is more like a tool.
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    Beware of Spam!

    I don't mind the spam in my spam mail folder since I could easily delete them. I do mind the spam in my inbox, though. They are just plain annoying.
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    How did you get into astrology?

    My interest in astrology came out of my interest in tarot. As I was studying the tarot, I noticed that it contained astrology symbols in it. Curious to find out more, I began to read books on astrology.
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    Learning the meaning?

    Thank you for all your advises!
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    Jesus' Birth Chart

    Can someone really find up the natal chart of Jesus Christ? The bible does not give much about His birth except that there is a bright star shinning and three wise men came to seek Him.
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    One way to discourage immigration

    This is the sad facts of life. Wars really tear people's lives apart.
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    Learning the meaning?

    How do you manage to memorize the meaning of the sun signs, planets, aspects, houses etc? I have a hard time doing so.
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    If you could have one superpower. . . .

    Time Travel. Then I can go back in time and see what Jesus looks like.
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    People who dont believe in Astrology

    My family doesn't really believe in astrology as well. But that doesn't bother me.
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    Your Astrology Weekly Screen Name

    Chongjasmine is a combination of my surname and my christian name. And I use this name in almost every forum I go to, and not just here.
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    One way to discourage immigration

    Immigration is a problem for every country. At least every well-to-do country.
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    depressed all my life - where's the reason?

    Mercury in Aquarius-- You are broad-minded and seek after truth.
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    What kind of person am I?

    I was a teacher for preschool kids.
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    What kind of person am I?

    I do daydream a lot during my schooling years.