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    Will he come back for me?

    Break up my ex boyfriend left me for another girl and told me to move on. we stopped talking to each others since 2 weeks. he told me he loves her and don't want to ruin his new relationship. I want your help/ can anyone see any insights if we are going to be together again?? please be...
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    LOST eye's lenses

    Hi all, I lost my favorite eyes lenses :crying: I need it and couldn't find similar to it in shops :crying::crying: where is it?????
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    Is it girl or boy?

    yes he is a boy not a girl
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    Timing for romance in SR

    post your solar return
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    Angular Uranus in Solar Return - any input?

    Hey. Obviously there is some action regarding your career and resident. There is some troubles in internet and devices. change in job (responsibilities, tasks and so on.) but popularity and love from others, at least in you work or community. careful you might gain a lot of weight. again, your...
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    It was my birthday 🤗 SR for 2018/2019

    Please change the chart drawing style and make it ( web default style) so I can read for u
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    Meaning of Solar/Lunar asc at the same sign/degree.

    Hey. When I read lunars I see the ascendant on which house I know it's the most important house. But the case you are talking about I didn't face.
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    Will i find my Mr Darcy this year? 🤭

    Dear, You might have an affair but it won't be serious. Something very important happens to your house or residence.
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    Sr Venus on Asc, accent on both natal and SR IC

    Dear, Please post your solar return chart and Natal chart so we can help. But I guess change of residence is very clear. Don't worry about saturnin the 10th I have it too. It means hard work!
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    Solar return emergency reading!!!

    Please post the solar return chart and natal chart so we can help.
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    SR 2018 Positives and Negatives

    :lol: Hi I see traveling or starting to study a course. Love is coming so soon. You might meet your soulmate. I see something very important regarding your house or the place you sleep in. You might change residence or very important matter regarding your father. :smile: All the best.
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    Yes and I would say promotion at work if you're currently working. Travel and studying something new? purchasing a car or a device.
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    Solar Return

    You can't interpret a solar return without looking at the natal chart. :smile:
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    Please help - Stellium in 12th/1st House in 2017 SR Chart

    I think there is some work you'll start doing and you'll benefit from. But it takes all the time that you could isolate yourself. Also, changing location.
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    Strength of Solar Returns

    Hi. Please post the natal+solar charts from astrodienst so we can see.
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    Experience with SR and Solar Eclipses?

    wow. so your solar asc in leo? that means the sun rules the year and it's in eclipse whole year.
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    12th house stellium and other bad things

    And also there is an obvious change in residence
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    12th house stellium and other bad things

    I think you are going to isolate yourself for sometime during the year. maybe because of an operation.
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    Is it girl or boy?

    which coin?
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    Is it girl or boy?

    HAHAHAHA I hope girl :love::tongue: