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  1. SirHorns

    Is Saturn Anti-Astrology?

    I have a strong Saturn signature in my chart along with Capricorn, so here is my view: `Natal, no. Mundane, possibly. If the native doesn't look into astrology at all and just go with pop-culture, then it's unlikely they find it worth anything at all. However, this attitude wouldn't be limited...
  2. SirHorns

    Talk to a Uranus-Neptune Conjunct Sun person!

    Oh they all fall in my Mid heaven. As for me and others around me- I suppose I can be apt in saying that nothing is as it seems. I usually get told I look "smart" while other times my appearance, like my hair for example, has always been thing people try to "force" change. From my side, it's...
  3. SirHorns

    Talk to a Uranus-Neptune Conjunct Sun person!

    Originally, I was going to ask about Uranus/Sun and Neptune/Sun people, but I've read several articles over the years about the and never found anyone who had both. Usually if anyone mentioned a celeb with either planet aspecting their sun, it was one not both. So I thought about making things...
  4. SirHorns

    Hidden Requests Clients ask Astrologers

    Client: "So tell me about myself!" Hidden Request: "Stroke my ego, gently caress my emotions and mind-***** against the wall until I believe whatever you say." Client: "So can you tell me how to get [X sign] to date me?" Hidden Request: "You are my dating coach and must give me IKEA-style...
  5. SirHorns

    Jupiter, Saturn and the Body

    Thanks, I that it sounded odd, but limiting it to aspects to the 1st house, makes more sense!
  6. SirHorns

    Love this channel Umm...building up a community is hard when you do stuff like this.
  7. SirHorns

    Jupiter, Saturn and the Body

    I heard someone assert the following: Whatever body part a sign rules (I.e Aries rules the head, Pisces the feet, etc) that when Jupiter is in that sign, the body part is larger than average. When Saturn is in the sign, it's smaller than average. So a person with Jupiter in Gemini would, if...
  8. SirHorns

    To Astrologers: Do you want to do and sell your own astrological reports?

    Okay, I was wondering how profit was made to cover the expenses that come along with running a platform. What's the "Ideal" type of astrologer you're looking for?
  9. SirHorns

    The Stellium Generation

    Clear this up for me, please? You want people with the 89-93 Cap Stellium to post videos they've made? Or just want us to cheer-lead for each other as we try to make it in life... OR are you addressing Cap Stelliums from other time periods/years to do something?
  10. SirHorns

    Newbie here

    Welcome to the forum! You must be very perceptive with that astro combination!
  11. SirHorns

    What would you tell your younger self in one brief phone call from the Future?

    Younger Self: Hello? Older Self: Future self speaking, just know that everything will be alright. Young Self: Da ****!?
  12. SirHorns

    To Astrologers: Do you want to do and sell your own astrological reports?

    No cost? Are you implying that the astrologer wouldn't have to share profits in anyway made from readings?
  13. SirHorns

    Reading your kid(s) chart...

    I'm curious what the experience was like for anyone here who has done it. Did you do it before you knew astrology or after? How did you react toward the aspects you saw to their Sun and Moon? What would you advise someone planning to do this? Would you advise them not to? Let's talk people!
  14. SirHorns

    Free Exclusive Astrology Reports

    Oh wow, I like these! Gives you enough info to make you want to know more! Neat format and the simple fact they show the chart and aspect grid, that right there earns them high marks in my book. Thanks for sharing!
  15. SirHorns


    It's funny tattoos got mentioned. I see it so often it's almost white noise to me.
  16. SirHorns


    As a member of this generation (with the Uranus/Neptune Conjunction), I want to say the blasé attitude toward sex was dude to being flooded with sexuality growing up to the point we grew a thick skin of sorts to it? You have to try to get a strong reaction from about sexual matters. As for...
  17. SirHorns


    Hello there, fellow seagoat! Hope you enjoy it here and that nobody ever figures out the best way to cook us.
  18. SirHorns

    Is now a good time to make my blog/channel?

    Aspects to my moon and mercury? Noted. Thank you very much!
  19. SirHorns

    What are things you'd love to see?

    The field of astrology isn't popular or just isn't presented as aggressively as other fields/branches of astrology? From your opinion and observations?
  20. SirHorns

    What are things you'd love to see?

    Hey, hey Blaze! Guess my ascendant! Also can you tell me why people are intimidated by me? Even my lovers say I'm intense! [Chart link below -that has asteroids, points and wide orbs for everything) :whistling: *Avoids gun shots* :devil: I wonder if we had like a confession both or...