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    Intercepted signs

    I think intercepted signs may indicate physical problems. I have Capricorn/Cancer intercepted (in house 1/7) and Pisces/Virgo (houses 2 and 8). The sign of Capricorn rules our bones, knees and skin. Since a couple of years ago, I suffer from knee problems. I can't walk long distances and I...
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    Will anything ever happen between me and X?

    I'm sorry, Draco, you're right. I should have included some more information. :o I have been in love with him for more than 6 months, but I'm not sure about his feelings. In fact, I know nothing about his feelings. I don't know him well. I'm not talking about a marriage here, but about a...
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    Will anything ever happen between me and X?

    X is the person I have feelings for. I tried to do the interpretation myself, but horary astrology is still new for me. And Saturn is in H1, which I think means the querent can't judge the horary chart himself? Not sure about that. The chart...
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    Horary tutorial

    Wow, you can do a lot with that program! But I'm obviously doing something wrong, because I Asc 3 degrees Aq instead of 28 Sag. :( Am I the only one who has trouble with this?
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    Phobias anyone?

    I'm a bit afraid of open doors. When I go to sleep, the door must be closed, or else I can't sleep. I prefer the window to be closed too. I'm afraid of an open door behind me: I won't be able to see if anybody comes in. Caused by Moon in Scorpio, probably?
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    Happy Birthday StarrySkies!

    I'm too late. However, my congratulations! Have you already taken a look at your solar return chart for this year?
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    How about a fun exercise?

    I agree with Betelgeuse as for the Moon. I think the Moon shows our inside personality, which is not visible for most people. I also think that when we're very young we act like our Moon sign. A Virgo with an Aries Moon will be very impulsive, spontaneous and charged up child, but will be more...
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    I'm a vegetarian; I've never liked meat, I always refused to eat it. I'm a picky eater. I didn't become a vegetarian just because I don't like meat, though, it's also because I think it's cruel. I'm Sun in Virgo with Mercury in Virgo. I have NO Air in my chart, so no Libra rising in this case...
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    How to determine Lord of Geniture?

    Ah okay. That makes it a lot more clear. Saturn it is then :) But how come I don't really feel that Saturn? I can't identify with a first house Saturn. Capricorn intercepted, is that it? But it rules my ascendant, so I should feel it. But if it represents our greatest strength... I don't have...
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    How to determine Lord of Geniture?

    Oh. Maybe it's useful if I post my natal chart :)
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    How to determine Lord of Geniture?

    The Lord of Geniture is the strongest planet in your chart, isn't it? The planet with the most essential dignity? But how could I determine what planet is Lord of Geniture in my chart? I've done research on the internet, but I just can't figure it out for myself. I've looked at what planets...
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    Stellium in Scorpio

    This Scorpio Stellium is currently hitting my Moon Pluto conjunction in H10 and squaring my H8 Venus. :( I'm having great difficulties controlling my anger. I always have, but it's worse than usual. A very good friend of mine told me I should do an Anger Management course :o:ops. Maybe she's...
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    Pluto and Emotional Trauma

    Does Pluto symbolise what you fear the most? If not, what planet does? Neptune? I'm sorry for asking this here, but I didn't want to open a new thread for such a small question :o
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    The lovely lady venus

    I often find Venus in Taurus in the charts of people who love sweets.
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    Dissatisfaction With One's Natal Chart

    I don't want to change anything about my chart. Except for my first House Saturn. I hate it. It makes me so scared for everything. I have to work everything out in my head first, I can't be impulsive, spontaneous. I'm just to scared. I don't possess the responsibility that comes with this...
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    Dissatisfaction With One's Natal Chart

    Yes. They somewhat remind me of Tarot card the Fool. Arians are really fascinating.
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    Dissatisfaction With One's Natal Chart

    Ironic indeed! I'm a Virgo with Mercury in Virgo, and I'd love to be less shy and passive. I'd love to have some Aries in my chart.
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    What Day of the Week Were You Born?

    It is just another manic Monday Wish it was Sunday Cause that's my funday.... :P
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    Jupiter in Sagittarius

    I'm so sorry. I was convinced it was square. But then I started thinking. My Jupiter is 2 degrees Leo. So it should be a trine. I checked my transits and sacre bleu, it should be a trine. And you made such a long post with a great interpretation. I feel so guilty now :o
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    What Day of the Week Were You Born?

    I'm fair and wise and good and gay :cool: