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    Why am I alone badly?

    read up on PisceS remedies
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    Will I be a mechanic

    Will I be a mechanic? Sun in the 2nd house : Probably not (Please include description of your thoughts)
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    Can someone please interpret my chart?

    Hello dear Tekuzukato, Your job should have something to do with money/welfare, or with transportation. At the moment you can have some major luck regarding your career life coming from a creative project (or the like)... (This influence will last for 3 months or so) Later on, in June 2023 to...
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    Career/Talent/Vocation. I’ve been trying for years to find a path. What astrology would say to me? Thank you.

    (Sidereal chart) Hello! First of all, you're a very hard-working person. (Sun) You seek friends and career (a lot)! Your best career would be one where you majorly use your body (hectic work). Also, where you can be an organizer would suit you well. You need a pacifistic career, that's for...
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    Hello junemoonchild, be welcome!
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    I’m Incredibly Lonely. How can I go about Fixing this?

    Hello leomars, the Venus in the 11th house suggests you should talk about anything that hinders you in life, and so on... (11th house means group conversations...)
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    Do i have an opportunity to get a job? Please help me 🙏🙏

    Hello Shoshanna, your chart suggests you will only find a nice stable career, if you find good friends first! (7th house ruler means good friends usually, and it is in the 10th house, Venus)
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    Mars transiting my 7h/8h

    Hello friend, something I found out (recently) is that the method works best is the one that you usually use. If for example you use Placidus (traditional horary houses) houses usually for natal chart work, then use Placidus for transits as well! If for example you are well knowledgeable with...
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    Will seminars coaching for social skills help me?

    Hello friend, the 11th house (groups, etc.) ruler is in the 8th house (psychology), so what I gather from this chart is: Yes, you will gain psychologically.
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    Are they?

    Hello knowledge, normally, yes, the partners are playing games! (bosses) 7th house is with planet Mars in Gemini.