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    Why do I have a negative disposition towards women?

    Venus is all women except the mother :) A nicely placed moon would give a good relationship with her
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    Where are my shoes?

    It turns out most of the things people said were correct. I didnt find them - as predicted My wife found them in this closet where everyone's shoes are actually kept :D I had looked in there but probably didnt recognise them as I dont see them very often. The closet is like an alcove as it...
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    ADD in natal chart

    A more pressing issue is Moon conjunct North Node that's a big thing as the nodes are based on the moon. He mentions an 'inability to focus on one thing' Uranus could also cause a more mild form of ADD, it is supposed to be conjunct moon...
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    The wise words of Vettius Valens

    Ill have to read it again to see what he says about it, When I was reading the anthology he mentioned all of these crazy unfortunate things that can happen to people and the planetary combinations that cause these things to happen. Astrology really brings out compassion for others, because...
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    The wise words of Vettius Valens

    I read that anthology a few months ago. It seems to talk about the part of daemon a lot why does noone really discuss it here?
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    Just looking for hope...

    The people who set the rules for possibilities of having a child saw pisces as ruled by jupiter so yes it still stands.
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    Need guidance please read my chart

    Your 7th ruler saturn is in your 4th house indicating a relationship in later life. Ruler of 10th house in 12th house Your professional success is related to your ability to serve others behind the scenes. Your profession is...
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    What do you think about this Natal Chart?

    what kind of relationship does your friend have with his/her father? pluto conjunct mars, with sun pretty close
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    Moon Sq. Saturn

    When it comes to discouraging you from being an artist I think he is seeing things from the perspective that very few people get to make money from art, failing in art without a backup plan is very dangerous. I like your drawings, I have no idea if you can make money from drawing or not. I...
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    Serial Podcast event chart

    good idea to look at the fixed stars. The fixed stars in the chart of Charles Manson are scary
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    Just looking for hope...

    i have Pisces on the 5th and Jupiter in Gemini too, I had a child so she can too.
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    invalid chart

    The original one would contain the info, maybe the ex's situation is in flux right now or you didnt really know what you wanted to ask
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    Chart reading?

    You got high scores on your tests but the Nursing school still wont even put you on a waiting list? Is it a free nursing school?
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    Chart reading?

    Do you have any interest in being a Doctor, Nurse or some other 'helping' career?
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    invalid chart

    Would you like to share what the question is? Was the first one late or early? Do you still have the first one?
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    Apparently I've met my future husband?!?

    You are retrograding back to Mars I take it there is no one from your past who would fit the bill?
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    why am I obsessed with writing and why do I struggle with it?

    Also, you are going through this 7.5 year period called 'Sade Sati' which is when Saturn is in a sign before,conjunct,or just after your moon sign, It is a great testing time and makes you have the feeling like you are falling apart, it will be over in february 2017 when Saturn goes into...
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    Insight into sag who's never had a girlfriend

    the chart doesnt show up, can you download it with a right-click and then attach it to the post?
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    Serial Podcast event chart

    Jupiter is in aries and is square the ascendant and descendant, (but not exactly) I don't know if I'm reaching here! I had a look at William Lilly's description of cancer and he doesnt mention anything to do with doubles or the word dual. The symbol of cancer looks like it is composed of 2...
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    Will Trump win presidency?

    He's entertaining, ;D i wouldnt want him to be president though