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    Davison Chart of Twin Flames

    You can most definitely see twin flames in the natal chart. The planet of TFs is Neptune for one. 6H/12H Virgo Pisces energy or planetary placements in those actual houses. It’s the as above so below axis. I’ve read the 11th harmonic is correlated to TF charts. But I’m looking more in depth at...
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    Yod interpretation (Neptune/Venus to Mars, Neptune/Pluto to Mars)

    Still new to this forum so I apologize if I’m not supposed to just comment randomly or not so my apologies. I am struggling with understanding how my 12H Mars in Taurus (which conjuncts my ASC as well as Chiron on the other side) yod apex plays out. The legs are Pluto 6H in Libra and Neptune 7H...
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    Aspects for TALL people

    I’m a 6’0” tall woman...Mars trine Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter and Saturn trine ASC, 1H Gemini Sun and 12H Taurus Mars Conjunct Taurus ASC...Uranus Opposite Mars/ASC, Venus in Gemini 1H, 11H Moon in Pisces sextile ASC
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    Composite Moon square Uranus

    My best friend and her husband have this in their composite. They’ve been married 10 years or more. Virgo Moon 12H square Uranus in Sag 3H
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    having problems in friendships with other females

    I have problems not from strangers or acquaintances I’m well lights but I have problems when it comes to close friendships once I become friends with them. I have a Pisces Moon in the 11th house... like I’m a good friend...squaring Venus in the 1H in Gemini. I mean I literally don’t give anyone...
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    Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

    I have this transit exactly Conjunct the 22 degree Capricorn DC with a close friend of mine (we have a 22 degree Cancer ASC on our composite) and the energy is just completely different between us...honestly it’s hurtful because I feel like I want to connect and it’s not being reciprocated like...
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    Composite Stellium In 12th House

    My composite chart with a friend of mine has Sun Conjunct Amor, Mars Conjunct Venus, and Venus Conjunct North Node in the12th...Not to mention Venus trine Pluto, moon 7H, and Lilith un 8H😳We’re two women and both interested in men so I’m not exactly sure what this means but I def feel like our...
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    What sign we attract by looking at our Natal?

    Romantic partners I attract Libra Scorpio Sag energy. I attract friends that all share similar placements (Chiron 10H, Uranus 4H for example). I’m Scorpio DC (Conjunct Uranus with Chiron 12H Conjunct Mars in Taurus. So I was if others attract romantic partners as well as friends with similar...