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    Did I get Pregnant

    That’s interesting about it being a wild card. I’m like 95% sure I’m not pregnant, but I feel like something is off though. I still don’t have my period and I feel much worse than I usually do before I get it. I’ve been having cramps/ back pains for a few days and also feel kind of queasy. If...
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    Did I get Pregnant

    So results are in: not pregnant. My period is about 5 days late so I took a test today and it was negative. Looks like I ovulated later and have a longer cycle this month. Can this be seen in the chart?
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    Did I get Pregnant

    No it's too early, there's still at least a week left till I'm supposed to get my period
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    You posted your natal chart, you have to ask a question and post a chart for the time you asked the question.
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    Did I get Pregnant

    Vyri, thanks for all your time looking into this..I sincerely appreciate it! I Wouldn't mind being pregnant but won't be too disappointed if I'm not..there's a right time for everything. I just got freaked out by the health issues as its the first I've heard anything like that. In any case, I'll...
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    Did I get Pregnant

    I do have digestive issues of a sort..I have celiac...I had some gynocolgocal issues before I went gf but that was 10 years ago and now everything is okay. I’m 5’3 and 108lb-so perfect weight for my height..other than that I have a highly stressful career and lose weight when especially...
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    Did I get Pregnant

    I’m not familiar with Astro is Jupiter in Virgo? It’s on my natal sun in Scorpio right now.I don’t have any gynecological issues per my last visit to the gyno in September, she said everything looked great. We weren’t trying to get pregnant, just had an accident. Jupiter rules my...
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    Did I get Pregnant

    Tikana, Chrysalis, Vyri, Oddity - thank you so so much for looking over the thread and your replies, i greatly appreciate it! I will update once I know something for certain.
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    Did I get Pregnant

    I asked this question a few hours after my boyfriend and I had an "accident" a few days ago. It happened right around ovulation. Since it was just a few days, its way too early for a test. think it's a "no," but since I'm not good at horary would like some confirmation. ASC is not a fertile...
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    Should I pursue this Job.

    .please delete
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    whats more sensitive, a water moon or AC?

    Maybe that's a moon in aries (or any fire sign) thing when moon isn't in a house associated with water such as 4,8,12. My moon is also in aries and I hate dealing with emotional people because with moon in aries I find im emotionally satisfied when I have my way/deal with a situation quickly and...
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    Venus in Sagittarius ......and Saturn

    Look at what houses venus rules in the natal chart and where it is placed, and that will tell you more about what the saturn transit will affect.
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    Would I be a good lawyer?

    You need a strong mercury to be a good lawyer, or at least to like it, I think. Also mars probably. your mars and mercury are in mutual reception, so maybe.
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    Astrology and Physical Beauty

    Okay, I've been MIA from this thread for awhile, but hopefully people will be willing to discuss this. I've selected four samples, I did women first because it's easier, I think with men it is much more subjective for physical attractiveness(i.e, in terms of good looking famous men the opinions...
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    Need Urgent Advice

    Sorry for the delayed response, had a few things going on. I noticed you said legal advisor rather than articulate lawyer, I'm pretty well spoken but I guess maybe it means more of an advisory capacity than litigation, which is what I prefer. Also, I"m probably not as impulsive as may seem, I...
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    Job seeking during a Saturn Return?

    I don't think that Saturn returns are a negative thing. I've read plenty of accounts of people coming into their own during Saturn returns. So I don't see why a Saturn return in sixth wouldn't bring better job opportunities unless something else is afflicting it. It might be the saturn that's...
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    Need Urgent Advice

    Thank you, I appreciate your input :). What does stress-delay mean, how does it play out usually?
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    Need Urgent Advice

    Thanks again! I am in one of the major locations you described. OOH, Uranus, yes I noticed that. I hope it isn't going to be a negative thing. Outer planets make me nervous, you never know. With that Saturn on Venus I've been having more issues with my mother than usual, but when it squared...
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    Need Urgent Advice

    not an agency, casting associate. Basically an assistant to a casting director. They get scripts from studios and look for people to fill the available roles and present them to the studios/producers who then make a choice. So for example, they might have a script and think "okay this person...